Thursday, 29 March 2018


Good Morning to you,

Yesterday, I decided to post something slightly different on Instagram. I thought it would be interesting to share some vintage cutlery which I own. 

.... and this is the photograph I added,

my vintage, fish knife and fork, which is part of a 6 piece set.

I had no sooner posted than my phone started to 'ping' with friends leaving 'likes' and also leaving lovely comments. 

I had written, 

'I realise it isn't popular nowadays to use
 a fish knife and fork when eating fish, 
but I love the right cutlery 
for the right food.'

.... and it seems many of my Instagram friends felt the same way.

So I thought it would be a nice idea, before I cleaned the cutlery, to show you some other pieces which are tucked away in my drawers.

Now as you can see, this knife and fork along with most of the vintages pieces I am going to show you, need a good clean, but I thought you really would not mind, because the patina is lovely... well that is what I am telling myself.... and in actual fact, the camera captured a lot of colour which I could not see in the daylight.

George loves uses these pieces (not uncleaned of course) because he says, unlike a lot of modern forks, this fork fits his hand beautifully.

.... as you can see, I gave in, and decided to clean this knife because I wanted to show you the detail. The design, although worn in places, is still beautiful.... and this is the reason I do not clean my cutlery too often, because the design will wear away, if I am not careful.

These dessert spoons are not vintage, they are from the 1960s.... does that qualify for vintage.... I am not sure. The shape of the oval spoon is beautiful and again they feel lovely in the hand.... and when cleaned, they sparkle.

Now I have to be honest, I am not really sure what this lovely little spoon is used for.  It is too large to be a jam or marmalade spoon,

and too small to be a serving spoon.... but again, the design is beautiful and I adore the detail on the spoon.

I tend to use this spoon for serving double cream. As the handle looks lovely against the pale colour of the cream.

.... and aren't these servers beautiful. There is so much detail incorporated into each piece. I have just noticed, I seem to be using the word 'detail' quite a lot. But there is so much detail in everything I am showing you.

Now, I have a little story to tell about this pair of servers.  Well it wouldn't be Ivy, Phyllis and Me! if I didn't have a little story to tell.

I have a love of vintage cookery books, as does my daughter, Natasha. Roughly, 3 years ago, I discovered,

this 1982 edition of Cooking with Robert Carrier with parts of the book originally published in 1965.

.... but the important thing is, do you recognise the servers on the front cover? Yes, they are the same as the set I own.  So when I discovered this book and noticed the servers on the cover, I just had to give them to Natasha, as part of her gift. The servers were a lovely surprise.

So if I gave Natasha my servers, why do I have another set.  The reason is, when I was visiting Danielle a year or so later, we went to a huge car boot sale.... and there they were.... these servers, loosely wrapped in paper, laying in a box of oddments. When I pulled back the paper, I knew exactly what they were, and I was so excited to find them, but I had to calm myself down and not appear too keen, because as you know, if a seller feels you are keen, the price will go up.  I just mentioned how dirty they were and I offered £2, never thinking for a moment, that the seller would agree, but I think he had experienced a slow morning and he agreed the price.  I could not believe I had snapped the servers up, for the princely sum of £2 . I have to tell you, I walked away from the stall quite quickly, in case he changed his mind and decided to chase after me and increase the price. Truthfully, I do know, that  he wouldn't do that,  but I was so caught up in my excitement, I just had to get away from the stall. I have to say, I get a thrill of excitement just talking about my marvellous bargain.  

.... and you can see why, I feel they are so special. Take a closer look, they are stunning.  Once I clean the servers, they will be shiny and bright and will look beautiful on my Easter table.

Now I could go on and show you more of my vintage pieces, but I feel, like me, you are probably very busy with your own Easter preparations, so I will save the rest for a later date.... and to be honest, I really need to crack on and clean my cutlery.

So for now, I will love you and leave you and wish you a very Happy Easter.

Take care and I will catch up with you again next Thursday.

As Always,

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