Saturday, 24 March 2018


Good Morning to you,

Oh dear me, I know, I'm a little late this week, but oh so glad that I have finally managed to catch up with you. 

As you know, this blog is predominantly a cookery blog, with a few other things thrown in for good measure. Sewing, a little home life, travel and the occasional shopping trip.

.... but one thing I have never shared with you.... is crafts.

That is until this week, when I mentioned on my Instagram account, that I was going to create a little Easter something on Ivy, Phyllis and Me! which at the time, felt like a very good idea.

.... and it was, except I hadn't taken into account the time element.

So Thursday came and Thursday went.... and the craft was not finished.

Friday arrived.... and finally on Friday afternoon I managed to  finish my creations.

.... and here we are, on Saturday, with something to share with you.

Now please don't misunderstand, it was not that I did not enjoy making these decoupage Easter eggs, I had just forgotten how long the process took.  I have not made these little Easter Eggs for about 35 years.... honestly it has been that long. 

I used to have fun making these with my daughters when they were little girls. So the length of time it took to make these Easter Eggs, completely slipped my mind.

But now that I am here, I think I had better hurry up and show you how I made these cute little Easter Eggs before another day passes by.


6 egg shaped polystyrene balls
Pair of sharp scissors
Paper napkins with an Easter design
6 pencils
PVA glue
1 small paint brush
coloured ribbons ~ 1cm in width
and cut into 15 cm lengths
6 pins.


Cut the napkins into 4 cm squares ~ I found it took 6 squares per layer.

Push the pencil about 2.5 cm into the centre of the rounded end of the polystyrene egg. 
This keeps the egg in place whilst you are
gluing the napkin pieces to the egg.

Brush the egg with a thin layer of glue.

Place the first piece of napkin onto the glue
 and brush with the glue brush. 
Don't worry if glue is showing on the napkin, because the glue is clear when it dries.

Continue until the whole egg is covered.
  If you find there are parts of the napkin 
which don't adhere, brush a little more glue onto the napkin.

Repeat with another layer of squares, so that you have 2 layers.

On the 3rd and final layer, tear pieces from the napkin, because you want the edges to be blurred, without
 any lines showing.

When finished layering, add another layer of glue over the finished egg.

Place the pencil with the egg still attached, into a jar and allow to dry.  

Repeat the process with the rest of the polystyrene eggs.

 When each one is finished, place into a jar and allow to dry.

Leave the eggs to dry overnight.

The next day, remove the pencils.... they might need a little tug.

If you find that small pieces of serviette have come away with the pencil, don't worry, you can brush on a small amount of glue and cover the space with a torn piece of napkin.

Place the eggs into egg cups with the hole facing you.

Fill the hole with glue.

Fold your first ribbon in half and pop both ends into the glue, push to make sure they are secure.

Do you see my mistake, I placed the ribbon in the hole with both pattern sides facing me.  Luckily I noticed this in time and corrected my mistake.
I left the mistake, because I felt 
it was easily done and anyway,
it is best for me to be honest
and highlight my mistakes,
which you will then avoid.

Continue to add ribbon to the rest of the eggs.

Leave the glue to dry overnight.

Whilst the eggs are drying, tie the ribbon into bows

the next day, attach the ribbon with a pin as I 
have done in the photograph.

then hang your Easter eggs onto Pussy 
Willow branches
if you are lucky enough to have a Forsythia bush
growing in your garden,
then cut a few sprigs and bring indoors.

When I used to make these Easter eggs with
my daughters, I always used
Forsythia, because
it was the first yellow bush to
flower at this time of year.

Add any little Easter Eggs
which you might have
along with a large bunch of Daffodils.

.... and there you have it .... a lovely Easter table decoration.

Now I have to tell you, I did make a bit of a mess, which isn't like me, but I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, that I didn't notice bits of napkin dropping onto the floor.  Not to worry it was easily swept away.

This was so much fun and I really think your children or grandchildren will have as much fun making these Easter eggs.  What I enjoyed was the unexpected results which the design on the napkins created.  The eggs did not turn out as I imagined, but that is the joy of crafting. I loved what I created.

.... and will I be making anymore.... absolutely.  I think I will be 'doing away' with my bought Easter eggs and creating more of my own.

I hope you have as much fun as I did.

Oh and just before I leave you, my featured post this week is Easter Simnel Cake.... a delicious cake which I make each year at  Easter time.

Take care and I will catch up with you next Thursday.

As always,

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