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Good Morning to you,

In 1975, George and I, were lucky enough to be presented to HRH The Queen.  The Queen had attended the Sovereign's Day Parade at RMA Sandhurst and we, along with five other couples, were chosen to be presented to Her Majesty.

The day of the news, began  like any other day. I  had been busy washing, doing housework and I was playing with Natasha, who was only two years of age at the time, when George burst through the door and told me, "We are going to be presented to The Queen!" I thought he was joking, as he can be a bit of a joker, so I did not believe him, but he said how could he joke about something like this. I sat and thought about it, and decided he was not teasing me..... and then the penny dropped.... we are going to be presented to HM Queen Elizabeth.  I leapt out of my chair as I was so excited, I really did not know what to do with myself, but I was full of questions, "What do I wear", "What do I say", "Do I wear gloves", "Do I shake hands!" The questions were tripping off my tongue,  but George could not give me any  answers as he was being told the protocol the following day.  I had to wait a whole night and day before I found out. I could not settle, I was in such a nervous state of excitement.

When George finally arrived home from work the following day..... it felt like the longest day of my life. George led me through the protocols, the do's and the don'ts.  I had to be smart (obviously), I had to wear gloves (which I expected), I only spoke if I was spoken to (I agreed) and I had to practice my curtsy.

There was so much excitement surrounding The Queen's visit, which of course we were caught up in. Our husbands were busy working, so we  ladies decided to meet up for coffee. We talked and we talked to get rid of our nervous energy as each of us was so excited..... we also practiced our curtsies, non-stop. By the time I had finished practicing  my curtsy had become a thing of beauty.

The day finally arrived. Her Majesty The Queen was seated and The Sovereign's Parade passed without a hitch. After the Parade we were ushered into one of the beautiful rooms at RMA Sandhurst.  We were all excited, but nervous, and I have to say, I was glad that I did not have to speak with Her Majesty, as when she reached George, I looked like a rabbit who had been frozen in the headlights. She spoke to George and smiled at me.  I  curtsied and kept looking at her with a fixed grin on my face.  I often wonder what she thought of me.... I'm sure I looked a little odd, but then I thought afterwards, I am sure she gets the same reaction from all "normal folk"..... I mean, under normal circumstances, who expects to meet The Queen. Remember, I was but two feet away from Queen Elizabeth II, our reigning Monarch.  Who would have believed it could happen to me, and  I have to say, it was a thrill of a lifetime  to be in the same room as The Queen.  It really was an experience of a life time and one I will never forget,

and so I thought, as Queen Elizabeth  celebrated the 60th Anniversary of her Coronation yesterday, you would enjoy some photographs, from, 

The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Book.
which was published in 1953
in time for the Queen's Coronation.

The book is full of photographs of Queen Elizabeth as a child, photographs with her parents and with her sister Princess Margaret. The photographs range from the early 1940's to 1953.

On 6th February 1952, King George VI died and the crown was passed to Princess Elizabeth and  her young life changed forever.

On Sunday 2nd June 1953, Princess Elizabeth was crowned  Queen Elizabeth II. The Coronation took place  in Westminster Abbey, in London.

This photograph was taken in 1942 at The Royal Lodge, Windsor. It reads,

"Her Majesty's quick grasp of affairs of State is largely owing to the careful training given by her father."

In this photograph Princess Elizabeth is wearing her Princess's robes for the Coronation of  her father, George VI.

Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth in one of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace in May 1942.

I love the soft pink of their blouses and the beautiful peter pan collar, which I believe is in fashion now.

Do you recognise the blossoms which are surrounding the 15 year old Princess?

They are Philadelphus which were grown in the gardens at the Royal Lodge, Windsor.  This photograph was taken in July 1941.

..... and here, a photograph of the Queen  as a really sweet looking 3 year old little girl.

Don't you just love her blond, curly, hair.

We all know that the Queen is a keen horsewoman  and has a great love of horses. This photograph shows the Princess Elizabeth rewarding her pony after a victory at the Windsor Horse Show in 1944.

This is a lovely mother and daughter photograph. The Queen and Princess Elizabeth in a carriage procession at Royal Ascot in June 1951.

I thought you would like to see the Coronation Crown. This crown is known as the St Edward's Crown.  It was made in 1661 for Charles II, by Sir Robert Vyner, the Court Jeweller. Since 1661, all the Kings and Queens of England have been crowned with this magnificent crown.

.... and what do you think of this beautiful coach. This highly decorated coach is the Great State Coach which was used to convey Queen Elizabeth to and from Westminster Abbey.  

I had to show you a photograph of Their Royal Highnesses in the Drawing Room at Clarence House in 1951.  By all accounts this blue dress was Her Majesty's favourite dress at the time.

I really like this photograph, it was taken in 1952 when Her Majesty had spent an afternoon in Edinburgh.

The photographer really captured  the beauty  of  Princess Elizabeth.

I could not leave you without showing you a photograph of Her Royal Highness in her bridal gown. On 20th November 1947 HRH the Princess Elizabeth was married to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

...... and what a beautiful couple they were.

This photograph was taken in November 1949 the Princess had flown to Malta to join her husband for a short holiday.  

....again a lovely  photograph.

These photographs are but a drop in the ocean, as The Queen must be the most photographed women in the world. I am so happy to be able to share them with you, especially on the occasion of Her Majesty's 60th Anniversary.

Take care and I will see you later in the week.

This week I shall be joining,

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