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Good Morning to you,

March is a very busy month here in the Bryson household, not only because we celebrate Mother's Day, but also because the three females of this family, celebrate their birthdays during the month of March.

The first birthday in March belongs to our youngest daughter, Danielle, the second belongs to Natasha, with me bringing up the rear at the end of the month.... and the strangest thing is, we always celebrate our birthdays on the same day of the week. One year we can all celebrate on a Monday, the following year a Tuesday and so on.  This year our individual birthdays fall on a Friday.

This was something which was not planned, not that it could really be planned, it is how things turned out.... my baby girls decided they would arrive in this world, on the same day of the week. It's quite incredible really, because they were born 4 years apart.  How I managed to be born on the same day as well, is a mystery, but I love that we celebrate our birthdays on the same day of the week.

So as you can imagine, there has been a little bit of nostalgia floating around our house this month.  This is nothing new, I have to say, this always happens during the month of March, well to be truthful, not only March, nostalgia, can pop by to say hello, at any time of the year.

For instance, today, I was putting the finishing touches to our breakfast Chia pots and whilst waiting for his breakfast, George decided to go into the loft to look among the stored boxes, for something he wanted to give his Godson.

Whilst George was in the loft,  he discovered our old photograph albums, neatly packed away in one of the boxes, so he decided to bring them downstairs to show me what he had found. I was thrilled when he showed me what was hidden inside the box and we quickly decided to put breakfast on hold, whilst I made us both a cup of coffee. We then sat on the sofa together, ready for a good healthy  dose of nostalgia.

There were a few photographs of me as a child, when I lived in Cyprus.... there were never many, because people did not take photographs in the way they do nowadays. Was it because we were busy enjoying ourselves or was it because many people couldn't afford a camera.  Probably the latter, which seems incredible by today's standards. Having said that, Ivy and Gramps did own a  Brownie Box camera, so the few photographs of me are thanks to my lovely grandparents.

Whilst looking through the albums we came across  our very first Bryson family album.  There were photographs of Natasha as a baby and then as a toddler.... my word how the years have flown by.

.... and how young did George and I look.

There were photographs of Natasha in the pram, out of the pram, in the bath, wrapped in a towel, being cuddled, being fed.... actually being thoroughly loved.

.... and this tiny little baby grew up to be the beautiful woman she is today.

As a woman and a mother, I felt it was very important to encourage Natasha and Danielle to embrace what the world had to offer, that if they were brave enough, the world was their oyster. They were free to explore the world in a way that was not available to previous generations of women.

.... and explore they did.  They have experienced so much in their lives.

....and now it is my turn to learn from their experiences.  Nowadays life moves at such a rapid pace, that at times it is hard to keep up with this ever changing world. If I am unsure of anything, I speak to my daughters, because I know I will receive an honest answer.... maybe not always the answer I was looking for, nevertheless, it will always be the right answer.

For instance, today,

we are making Breakfast Chia pots.  I have seen the name, Chia, floating around the Internet, for quite sometime, but to be honest I have not really taken any notice. I mentioned to Natasha that I thought they were another fad and that they would be out of fashion at some point in the future.

.... How wrong was I, because when  Natasha came home at Christmas time she introduced me to the world of Chia seeds. A seed I have never used before.

I must confess, that for a while now, I have wanted to eat a healthier diet.  That is not to say that my diet was unhealthy, because it included a lot of fruit, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, grains and seeds, but it also included cake and if you have been reading Ivy, Phyllis and Me! for a while, then you know I also  have a deep affection for chocolate.... is the phrase 'a deep affection' too extreme.... no I don't think so.  If chocolate is not in the house, I don't bother, but if it is in the house, I cannot leave it alone. I swear I can hear it calling me to visit the cupboard where it is hiding.... It calls, 'Daphne I'm here, come and find me, you know you want to eat me,' which I invariably do.

I also wanted a breakfast which would take me through the morning without feeling peckish.  In the winter I do eat porridge, but I fancied something a little different.

So Natasha came to the rescue, she brought me 4 small Ball jars, I think my American friends call them canning jars.  We bought the seeds and she gave me a brief outline as to what I needed to do.... but do you know, we never got around to making Chia pots whilst she was here, as we were too busy going here, there and everywhere.

So last week I decided to find the notes I had written, which took some time to find as they were written on a scrap of paper and tucked inside a book. I then read the instructions on the packet of Chia seeds and I haven't looked back.

So it's on with the pinnie and time to organise my ingredients.



4 dessert spoons of Chia seeds ~ preferably organic
300ml unsweetened almond milk
handful of mixed berries (I use frozen)
2 tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt
4 teaspoons of Maple Syrup
4 walnuts ~ crushed



The pots are made in 2 parts. 


Divide the Chia seeds between the 2 jars.
Pour 150ml of almond milk into each jar
and stir.

Place the frozen berries on top.

Pop the lid on the jars and place in the fridge over night.


Remove the lids from the jars and stir the Chia seeds and fruit.  You will notice the fruit has defrosted. If you feel the Chia seeds need a little more almond milk, then add now and stir again.

Add the Greek yoghurt

Pour over the maple syrup

Sprinkle the crushed walnuts on top,


all there is left to do



Interestingly, since we have been eating these Chia pots for breakfast, both George and I, feel we have so much more energy.  I had thought this, but I did not say anything to George, I thought it might be my imagination, although the information does state that these little seeds are energy boosting, but then George mentioned, and to use his words, 'he was feeling full of beans', so we have decided to stay with the Chia pots and have them for breakfast everyday.

I have also added Chia seeds to smoothies and yoghurt and I am going to do a little research to find out their other uses.

You can also change the fruit, I have added banana and mango, really any fruit that appeals. I do buy a lot of frozen fruit, because there is nothing worse than finding the blueberries in the fridge, which have turned mouldy.... and I find this happens quite often, they don't seem to keep as long as they used to.

Just an added tip. Sometimes I find that I need to add a little more milk to the Chia pots in the morning, I cannot explain why, but they are very absorbent little seeds.

Now looking at the seeds, you might be thinking that they are not very appealing, I think the best way I can describe them is, they look a little like sago pudding which we all used to have for school dinners, but without the taste, as I cannot detect a flavour when I eat them.  So please do not let the 'sago' reference put you off, because I know many people hated sago.... although I think I am in the minority, when I say I use to love school milk puddings.

Just a thought,

If you don't own any Ball jars, don't worry, any small jar will work, although I use Bonne Mammon jars for George, because he has a heartier appetite.  It might seem strange to my British friends to eat out of a jar, but what I have discovered is these little pots hold just the right amount of breakfast for me.

So go on, try these healthy little Chia seeds and let me know if your energy levels rise.

Take care and I will catch up with you next Thursday.

As Always.

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