Thursday, 1 March 2018


Good Morning to you,

I am so sorry that I did not write to you last week, but I had a really busy week. 

There are occasions when my life catches up with me and I have to focus on my home life and last week was one of those weeks. 

.... but this week, oh my goodness, what a week we've had here in Northumberland, as the weather has been, and continues to be, bitterly cold. There has been a huge amount of snow fall, with blizzards appearing  from no where.  One minute all is calm and the next, the wind is blowing a hooley and whipping the snow into a frenzy, which makes it difficult to see my hand in front of my face.

I have seen so many beautiful photographs on blogs and Instagram of snow laden trees and stunning views of gardens, covered with snow, which I have loved seeing.... but there is another side to this beauty which we need to be aware of.

.... and that is, when we have this extreme weather, the elderly find it very difficult to cope.  They cannot get out and about as they usually do.

So George and I try to do a little bit to help our friends. 

Each day, we go out for our walk, but before we leave,  we always check with our elderly friends to see if they are alright and if there is anything they need from the shops. Normally it is basics like bread, butter and milk, but if this cold weather continues, which I believe it is going to, I feel sure there will be a lot more groceries added to our list. 

So today, once I had made sure that bread and milk was all that our friends needed, we began our walk. 

We were half way along the avenue, when we saw an elderly lady, trying to clear snow from her drive way.  So we stopped to talk to her. We did not want to jump in and assume she wanted our help, as you have to be respectful of a persons feelings.  We both could see that she was very tired, so we decided to offer our help. At first, she declined and said she was fine, that she could cope, but once we asked if she was sure, that we really didn't mind helping, the relief was clearly written on her face. So whilst I spoke to her, George cleared the snow.

I know I have mentioned this a few times before, but I feel it is worth mentioning again, because I truly believe, that when we take the time to stop and talk to someone, we can make such a difference to their day.  For instance, this lady's husband was recently diagnosed with dementia and the change to her life was proving very difficult.  We talked for a little longer, then I finally said, she really must go indoors, because the wind was getting up and it was bitterly cold. I think she just wanted someone to talk to, even if it meant standing outside in the cold. We mentioned that if there was anything she needed, to let us know, but to be honest, I don't think she will.  So George and I have decided that every other day, when we go out for our walk, we will knock on her door and see if there is anything we can do to help. She might refuse help the first few times, but I am hoping, eventually she will accept our offer.

It is just a small thing for us to do, but it will make such a difference to her.

.... and talking of small things,

In December, I planted an Amaryllis bulb.  It may surprise you to learn, that even though I am a keen gardener the Amaryllis bulb was not on my radar, that is, until I saw the impressive flowers which my sister in law, Gloria, had grown.  

.... and look at the result. From one bulb, I was treated to these 3 vibrant flowers.  I am over the moon. 

.... and another bit of colour.  On these cold days, this little primula is such a welcome sight.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know George is not a fan of Valentine's Day, he feels it is too commercial and he does not like to feel pressured into buying me a gift. Instead, he prefers to buy me flowers as a surprise.... and one such surprise was this gorgeous little primula.

I planted it in this little tea cup and placed it on my windowsill, where it is living quite happily until spring time when I can plant it in my garden.

Before the cold snap arrived, we visited our local garden centre.  I had not intended buying anything, I really was looking at plants to buy in spring time.... but then this beautiful Camellia caught my eye.... and I  snapped it up.    The only problem is, it is far too early to plant out and this was before the cold weather hit, so it is sitting quite happily in my conservatory, until such time as it can be planted in the garden.

Have you ever done this?  Bought bulbs to plant in the garden, thought that every bulb had been planted, only to discover that a few had escaped your attention.

.... well this is what happened to me.  I had planted 2 pots of French garlic before Christmas and I thought that was the job done, that is, until George discovered this bulb in the garden shed, somehow or other I had missed it.  

So what to do? 

Do I leave it, or do I plant it?

Well I decided, to plant the cloves, keeping my fingers crossed that they grow into bulbs. 

You never know, I might succeed.

.... and before I leave you, would you like to see what I look like after I have finished one of my morning walks?

Yes that's me, I look like Nanook of the North, or as George calls me, Daphne of the North.

Take care of yourself and I will catch up with you next Thursday.

As Always,

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