Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Good Morning to you,

I have a few of these,
 hand quilted.
I have  some  sashing which is pinned
and some is tacked.
I also have
 some of this,
 a little more of
I need 
 attach this,
to that,
but before I do,
I must decide,
whether to add these corners.

I'm just not sure.

If I do,
I will need to add this,

...but first, I need to iron the blocks, 
check they are square, add the sashing 
and stitch the blocks

Then with a bit of perseverance
this pinned and tacked quilt,

will be finished and I can
give it to 
my daughter, 

I started making this quilt about 10 years ago. In my defence, I have to say, all the blocks are hand quilted...but that really isn't the reason it has taken so long. 

I began this quilt when I lived in Cyprus. It was packed away for the journey back to England. It was unpacked with all our other belongings and then put away and forgotten. Then before Christmas, I was reading a post which Debbie, who writes the blog Me and My DIY had written, about how it had taken her 11 years to complete her beautiful red wreath and it reminded me of my quilt. I started sorting through a couple of boxes and found it.  So, thank you Debbie, I am now committed to finishing this quilt.

I am sorry about the creased look of the pieces, but I was organised. The ironing board was set up, iron at the ready, piles of blocks waiting to be ironed, cup of coffee on the table to the left of me, along with the camera, ready to photograph the process.  I was ready for the off. I switched on the iron, but the radio turned itself off, (when I said I was "ready for the off" I did not mean this, I meant I was raring to go!) the iron had fused the electrics.  George checked the plug, no problem there, so we put the iron on one more time and the same happened again.....yes, a new iron has to be bought.....hence the creases.....drats!

The reason I am showing you these pieces of my unfinished quilt, is I thought it would spur me on to finish. Fingers crossed. I have given myself until the end of February....just over a month.....oh dear I've done it now.....the QUILT has to be FINISHED on TIME!

Wish me luck.

This week I shall be joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Pop over and see her, I know you will enjoy your visit.

I will see you later in the week, until then take care.

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