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Good Morning to you,

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I told you about my trip to Heaton with Gloria.   I mentioned I had found a few treasurers.....well I have one for you today.

This book has two titles, 

Mattie and Bessie
Climbing the Hill

I could not see an explanation as to why a book would have two titles, but as you can plainly see from this photograph, Mattie and Bessie is in larger print and Climbing the Hill is in smaller print.

This book was presented
"Ada Laidler
for reciting at the Winlaton
Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary
June 3rd 1888"

There are four prints in the book
The first caption reads,
"Her bonnet was roughly torn from her head,
and Tom Raynor stood holding
it by the string."

Here are a couple of sentences to enjoy.

"Here we are, Mr Wilson!"
"Sit down, dears," said the old man;
"take off yer bonnets, and we'll have
some tea."


"Now that's just about the wonderful'st
thing I ever hear tell on,
to keep prayin',  prayin' and 
never stoppin', till yer wakes up one
mornin' and finds just what yer bin' prayin'
for under yer very own winder - and socks too."

just a little more for you,

"She was seated upon the ground,
with his aching head in her lap, while
little Bessie bent over him, stroking
him with her thin little hand, and
murmuring now and then,
poor Tom! poor Tom!"

I have shown you the Contents page
because at the start of each
chapter there are beautiful
illustrations like the one

and again for Chapter 1.

At the end of each chapter
I found these lovely
little designs,
they look like a beautiful 
full stop!

I couldn't resist showing you the
list of books which could
be bought for the price of one penny
or for the price of half a penny.

This is a lovely little book....yes well worn, but that means it has been well used. I wonder how Ada felt about receiving this book, in a time when the majority of people did not own books. 

Do you remember, when I told you that Ivy, as a child had to make a choice, she could have bread and butter or bread and jam, but not both. See here  Comparing the cost of bread and butter in the 1888's to the cost of a book, I would imagine Ada's family were relatively well off as to own a book in 1888 must have been quite a treasure.

I also wonder how many hands this book passed through before it came into mine....there must have been many.

All I can say is I am grateful this little book came into my possession with all of it's hidden history. 

Take care and I will see you later in the week.

Before I go, this week I will be joining,

Karen at Sew Many Ways

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