Sunday, 13 January 2013


Good Morning to you,

Last week, Gloria and I,  (you have met Gloria before)  see here decided to take a trip to Heaton, in Newcastle, as Gloria had heard there were quite a few Charity shops worth visiting.

For my friends who do not know what Charity Shops are, they are shops which raise money for the British Heart Foundation, Cancer research, plus many other charities.  People donate books, clothes, china, jewellery, anything which they no longer want to the Charity Shop, who in turn sell the items. The money raised is given to the appropriate charity.  It is a great way to raise money and recycle goods....what is the saying "One person's junk is another person's treasure".

We decided to travel by bus....and it was a bright red double decker bus. It has been many years since I  have ridden in one.  

When I was younger we certainly did not want to sit on the first deck as that was where the "oldies" sat. As young teenagers we all wanted to sit on the top deck, as it was "cool", but these days, I prefer to sit down below (oops I've turned into an "oldie" when did that happen). Maybe next time I will travel upstairs, just for the fun of it.

Anyway, I digress. We arrived and found a lovely shop called Chillingham Collectables. This shop is  owned by Jacqueline Buchanan and it's contents were fascinating. We lost quite a bit of time in there, enjoying what was on offer.

I love what Jacqueline has written about her stock, "Pre-loved collectables"....and isn't that just right. As you know I love vintage items which have been owned and loved by someone else, so the term pre-loved sounded perfect to me.

Where would we be without
 pre-loved blue and white

These handsome pre-loved
Staffordshire Dogs

 Beautiful  pre-loved beaded handbags
 which are gorgeous.

Pre-loved Edwardian Shoe Buckles
(I see an embroidery design emerging)

An intricate pre-loved fan style brooch

This pre-loved carriage

.....and this was only in the first room.  We had fun in the second room which was filled with gloves, hats, bags, materials....well the list is endless. In this room we found some old Newspapers....I could have bought them all, but that was not realistic, so after much consideration I chose a copy of The Newcastle Daily Journal, dated Thursday 14th January 1926.

Then we ventured into the third room and boy oh boy was I happy, I found a book called "Mattie and Bessie", which was printed in 1887 and given as a gift in 1888.  

My next find, which I bought, were two cookery books from 1965...."The Shop and Cook Book" and "The No Time to Cook Book".  These are interesting cookery books.

Later in the month I will show you the newspaper and also the books. I did not show you today, as they each need a page of their own to do them justice, but I was so excited about my finds that I wanted to tell you about them.  

We did carry on and find some brilliant Charity Shops and guess what, that is another story.

We had a fun time together and were exhausted when we returned home, well I was. Gloria went to a Zumba class that evening, while I went home and put my feet up.

This week I shall be joining: Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage

Have a lovely day and I will see you later in the week.

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