Thursday, 8 September 2016


Good Morning to you,

Well, I have to say, that was a long 'few weeks' wasn't it.

I had not intended to be away for so long, I had truly meant to have just a little break, to help George with some decorating, but as you know, sometimes, quite unexpectedly, our lives can go off in a very unexpected direction. Hence, the month or so became 4 months. 

For that I am sorry, but  I am so pleased to tell you, life has now returned to normal and everything is as it should be.

So how have I been spending my time during the summer months?

One of the things I have been doing is, getting myself acquainted with chalk paint.

Yes I know, I am light years behind everyone else, but to be honest, I never really envisaged a time when I would use chalk paint. Not to say that I haven't seen some wonderful transformations, because I have. Its just that during the early 1970s, we young things, did not want the dark furniture our parents owned, instead we decided to have a lighter look and much to the horror of our grandparents and parents, we painted any dark furniture given to us, white. Which they thought was dreadful. I have to say, I am the same with fashion, I never want to revisit the clothing my younger self wore.

So why now?

Well the truth is, as you know I am saving for a fabulous chair, which I am hoping will grace my living room very soon, so I did not want to spend money buying new bedside tables, I wanted to keep the money I have been saving for my chair.... we all have to make choices don't we and so I had to decide, what did I want more, new bedside tables or a new chair, well hands down, it was the new chair.

So I got to thinking. 

Tucked away in our garage was a couple of very old bedside cabinets, which were really scuffed and not very attractive, but still useful, so they did not warrant throwing away.  I kept the bedside cabinets in the garage, as they were useful storage and helped to keep some of my sewing overspill contained.

So while George was busy painting the living room, I went into the garage and brought the cabinets into the kitchen. I emptied them and then I wiped them down.... and to be honest they did not look very good at all, but structurally they were sound.

Then I went onto the Internet to do a little research.... people are so brilliant at sharing their work, so I learnt a lot about how to use chalk paint. 

After I had completed my research, I then popped to the shops to buy the chalk paint and some wax.... to tell you the truth I was very excited.

By the time I arrived home, it was time to make supper, so the painting had to wait until the following day.  I told George my plans, but he was not going to let me paint over the garish orange pine, without sanding it.  I told him there was no need as the chalk paint would glide on beautiful.

He did not believe me, even when I showed him the tin, he said if a job was worth doing, it was worth doing properly or not at all..... something my Gramps always used to say.

So the following morning, the sun shone,

and George took a break from painting and decamped to the garden with his sander and sandpaper. Do you see the space on the fence behind George, well that should have been covered with a beautiful white clematis. Unfortunately this year because we had such a wet spring and wet early summer, the weather has decimated my clematis and to be honest the roses have struggled this year as well, with many buds failing to open.

After a lot of hard work on George's part, the garish orange disappeared, to leave the pine wood looking much nicer and feeling very smooth indeed.

Do you like my pink trainers? Do you know where I bought them?  Of all places Avon.... and they are so very comfortable. Anyway I am digressing, as I know I often do.

With the wood prepped and ready, it meant that I could then begin, the part I was looking forward to the most.... the painting. Honestly, the paint was a dream to use.

.... and I had the first drawer painted in no time. Once I had painted the three drawers and unit with three coats of paint, it was a matter of waiting for the final coat to dry, so that I could wax everything. So while I was waiting I painted the second bedside cabinet.

The following day they both received two coats of wax, the first I allowed to dry, before the final coat of wax was rubbed into the paint.

I was so impressed with the chalk paint, because I was able to complete the painting task in just a day, as  the chalk paint dries so quickly.

I had fully intended replacing the drawer knobs, but do you know, I quite like them.  I will live with them for a while before I decide.  Having said that, I have seen some drawer knobs with the letter G for George and the letter D for Daphne which I thought would be a fun addition.

The cabinets are now in place, and I have to say, they are looking very nice indeed. Sorry about the old fashioned wallpaper, but this is an old house and once the paper is removed, the walls will need replastering, so that is a job for another time.

I have to say, I am really thrilled with the fact, that for a small sum of money,  I was able to re-use these cabinets, as structurally, there was nothing wrong with them, they were just so ugly.

.... so now, it is time to reveal to you, how the cabinets looked before they received their new colour. I have to say it's not a pretty sight.

Even with all the scratches and marks the units were perfect for storing my sewing bits and bobs in the garage, but visually an eye sore.  This bedside table could hardly be called a thing of beauty.

but now,

there is no comparison.  You might have noticed that I have not sanded any corners to make the piece look old.  I do appreciate the style, but as I mentioned before, it isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid. I just know myself so well, that if I did sand the edges, it would only be a matter of time before I would be itching to touch up the paint.

At the moment I am smiling to myself, because yes, I do love the transformation, but  this is not a true representation of what I have on my bedside cabinet.

Whilst the other photograph is lovely, this is what I really have on my table.  

A good angled lamp so that I can have the light in the right position when I am reading my book.

Books, because I love to read a chapter or two before I go to sleep. At the moment I am reading Nobody's Child by Kate Adie. 

Ayurvedic rose and jasmine hand cream, because believe it or not, it's the last thing I use before I get into bed. 

A little notebook and pencil, in case thoughts spring to mind before I go to sleep,

and finally a little round light, which I'm not sure what its actual use is, but it is very low wattage, so it means if I have to take a trip to the bathroom during the night, which I inevitably have to, I don't wake George by putting on the large light.  

As you can see, not as pretty, as the dressed bedside cabinet, but it works for me.

How about you, what essentials do you have on your bedside table?

Before I leave you, I wanted to mention, that whilst I have been away, I have been giving some thought to Ivy, Phyllis and Me! I can honestly say I have loved sharing my recipes with you, and that will not change, but I have decided, for now, to stop the step by step photographic instructions. Instead I will share my recipes, with just a few photographs. I do hope that is alright with you.

I have to say, it will take me a little while, but I will visit and catch up with you. I am really looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

So take care and I will see you on Thursday.

This week I will be joining,

As always,

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