Thursday, 15 September 2016


Good Afternoon to you,

What are you up to today?  Do you have a bit of spare time to join me for a little stroll?

I'll not tell you where we are going, it can be a nice surprise.  What I would say is, if you decide to join me, do wear layers of clothing, with the final layer being  a fleece because you can never be too sure of the weather here in Northumberland.  If the weather decides to become a little warmer, we have all bases covered. You can peel away the layers and feel cool, but if needs be, you will also be warm, wearing your fleece.

Oh yes, and the final thing I should mention is, don't wear your good walking shoes as you might regret it, because if you decide to keep your shoes on, by the time we finish our walk, not only your shoes, but your socks will be covered in sand.  Oops, I think I've just given the game away.

So are you up for it?

Do you fancy a walk?

You do..... brilliant, let's go.

You'll really love walking through these dunes, because you never know what's around each corner. Please watch your step, as some of the paths are quite narrow. If someone walks towards us, I would recommend we walk in single file. Having said that, you will find, these rules do not apply to children, because as you will discover, they will race past us, to get to their destination, so if we do see some children, I'd advise that we give way.

There are many paths which will take you to where we are heading and I don't think I've ever taken the same path twice.

As you can see, this is a well worn path, do you see the many footprints. Some footprints are leaving as their owners have had their fun and are making their way home, whilst others, like us, are walking onwards. Don't worry, there is no rush, we have plenty of time.

Just a little further  along this pathway, then we will walk over the hill.... honestly its not much further. Aren't the Yellow Wort flowers, growing amongst the grasses, beautiful, they are such a vibrant yellow. It never ceases to amaze me that wild flowers can grow so close to the sea and survive.

.... and this is what the trek through the dunes was for, this beautiful, sandy beach.  There's a little hint of something, can you see it, just below the left hand corner.

I can't quite see it.  I'll move a little closer and see if I can capture the image. Just a minute.

That's better.  Although it isn't very close, this is as close as my camera will zoom in.  This is a photo of Farne Islands.

This is one of Europe's most important bird sanctuaries.  During the summer months we could take a boat trip around the island to see the many different species of birds. We might even spot a family of grey seals.  My favourite are the puffins, but that will have to wait for another time. We can make a date to go next summer.

I cannot wait for us to take a walk and enjoy this beautiful beach. It will give us the chance to stretch our  legs a little. How I love the smell of the fresh salty air.   When I lived in Cyprus, we used to walk along Larnaca beach almost every day during the winter. It was such good exercise.... and it was free.  No gym fees for us.

Have you walked for long enough.  Are you ready for a cup of tea? You are, brilliant, me too. Let's head back to the car.

I just need to have one last look before I leave. How beautiful is the sky.  Do you know something, it really is the little things in life which give me joy and puts a smile on my face.

I hope you enjoyed our stroll together.  Next year we can organise a trip to the Farne Islands and I will also take you to see Alnwick Castle.... now that will be special.

Take care and I will see you again on Thursday.

This week I will be joining,


As Always,

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