Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Good Afternoon to you,

I have been busy in my Button room this week, sorting and organising my materials. Placing beads, into their new little compartments, which I have to tell you took quite a while, as I have lots and lots of beads. When I needed to stop to make supper, George took over.... which was kind of him.  He does love doing anything which is fiddly.

Now then, I can hear you asking, what is a Button room? Well I will tell you, as I am not sure if I have mentioned my Button room before. It is the name we have given my sewing room. My Button room used to be in one of our smaller rooms, but I have moved into a much larger room, so I have more space to work with.... which is wonderful.

So after working hard, transferring everything from room to room, I thought I would take a break and have a look on Pinterest, to find a little inspiration and I was not disappointed, as I saw some beautiful rooms. Some were perfectly co-ordinated, with white walls and white furniture, some rooms filled with delicate lace and dried flowers and oh so perfect..... beautiful to look at, but have you ever visited an elderly aunt, whose home is pristine. When you arrive you are offered a cup of tea, but you don't know where to place the cup and saucer, because everything is so perfect..... well that is what a lot of the images reminded me of..... not a look I go for I'm afraid..... neatness is not something which applies to me when I am sewing. In a perfect world, this would be the type of sewing room I would love, but I have to be realistic, I would never be able to keep the room looking as beautiful.

After enjoying all the beautiful images, I decided to be sensible, and not get carried away. First on the list of things I needed was a cutting table, so I found our old kitchen table in the garage and it was the perfect size, perhaps not the perfect height, but George is going to fix that. Feeling inspired, I arranged the table beautifully. Lovely boxes filled with needles, embroidery threads, pin cushions, filled with brightly coloured pins, my tambour needles and my bead catcher placed on heart shaped plates.... the table looked lovely.... really pleasing to look at, but when I began cutting out material to make a cushion, I realised that I had arranged the table so beautifully that I had not left myself enough space to cut the material.  So it was back to square one for the table.  I removed everything, apart from my scissors, rotary cutters and cutting board. It did not look as attractive, but it worked... and then after a Skype chat with Natasha, the problem was solved.  She mentioned that she uses a tray which she fills with all her sewing 'bits and pieces', and then leaves the tray on her table. When she needs to use the table, she simply removes the tray which takes a matter of seconds..... what is the saying 'a problem shared is a problem halved' that is certainly true..... and  I am pleased to say, that yes, I have the perfect wicker tray to use..... so on Natasha's advice, I am making a pad for the bottom of the tray so that everything sits nicely.....when it is finished I will have such a pleasing table.

The ironing board is set up with the iron at the ready to press seams, which is so much easier. I have everything I could possibly need to hand.  The longer I use the room, the easier it will be to organise myself, because what I have discovered is, that just because something looks aesthetically beautiful, it does not necessarily mean that it will work in the space it has been allotted. So the Button room is an ongoing project.

..... but I have been busy,

I have made a cushion for my friend.  Sorry, I should have taken photographs with the cushion positioned nicely on a chair, but I did not have the time, as I needed to get out of the door and take this gift to my friend as time was running away from me.

Before I show you the second thing I have made, it is time to share some music with you,

the soundtrack from the film 'Chef'.  Now I have to tell you I had not heard of this film and I also had not heard the soundtrack.  But Carol from Art and Sand told me she had been to see the film and she loved it, and the soundtrack was so good, that after she had seen the film she went out and bought the soundtrack.  Now, after Carol's recommendation,  I had fully intended to listen to the soundtrack,  and then I was talking to Natasha yesterday and she mentioned the soundtrack and how fabulous it was, so I got myself into gear and went over to Itunes to listen to the music and I love it. I defy you to listen to the music and not tap your feet.  You will want to strut your Latin moves.... honestly it is that good. I loved 'Oye Coma Va', 'Que Se Sepa', and 'I Like it Like That'.

I really am trying to keep my feet still, so whilst my feet are taking on a life of their own I will show you what else has been happening in the Button room.

It started with one heart,

and then another,

then a few more.

then the borders were added.

and the
binding completed,
so there was 
left to do,

add a little note to the back
of the quilt.

'Made with Love

and who is Jackie?

Jackie is 
Wasanti and Gaja's little girl.
will be 1 year old in October.

So once I have finished the little note
to attach to the back of the quilt,
it will be winging it's way to India
as a gift for Jackie.

Whilst I am telling you this,
I have a huge smile on my face,
my middle name is Jacqueline
and I have the honour of having
'little Jackie'
named after me.

How wonderful is that.

Before I go, I just wanted to mention the differing colours in the quilt photographs. I have been all over the house taking photographs, I have had George holding the quilt which I attached to a yard stick, here there and everywhere..... his poor arms were aching.  Then we attached the quilt to the back of the door.... but the problem was the house was getting darker and darker, because we are experiencing heavy rain, so no matter where I went I could not get the right colour.

Sometimes taking photographs can be soooo frustrating.

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,

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