Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Good Afternoon to you,

Do you remember, when I told you that I had been featured in the Woman's Weekly Magazine?  Well Lynne, from Irish Garden House mentioned to me that she hoped she would be able to buy the magazine in America.... unfortunately it was not available to buy, so we swapped addresses and I sent her a copy of the magazine, a long with a couple of other items I thought she would enjoy.

Lynne received the gifts I sent and in return, she told me to look out for a surprise which would arrive in the post.  

Now we all love surprises don't we,

..... and take a look,

at what I received.
This packet dropped through
my postbox
and when I opened it,
look what I found inside.
A beautiful card,

some lovely photographs
of Lynne's garden.
Take a look at her beautifully green, manicured lawn
how wonderful to be surrounded by so many trees.
Lynne must hear some wonderful bird song during the day.

.... and how lovely are the flowers in Lynne's garden.
At the top left  of the collage, you can see
 some beautiful irises.
Lynne wrote that the original plant was
one which belonged to her mother
from 40 years ago.

The top right you will recognise
as a Rhododendron.... it is a beautiful shade of pink.

The bottom left is a Hibiscus, a plant I grew in Cyprus,
in fact I would go so far as to say it grew like a weed,
because the conditions were perfect.

...... and finally the bottom right, 
a lovely Bleeding Heart,
isn't it pretty.

...and what do we have here? 
 a little rabbit taking a nap.
Do you think he is dreaming
of carrots?

Look at the vibrant pink of these
Lynne placed these beautiful flowers in a white vase,
 such a pretty flower arrangement.

After admiring all the lovely
photographs of Lynne's garden,
I discovered,

some beautiful notelets.
This is my perfect garden,
lots of plants and Alyssum filling
the cracks in the pavement.
....I am almost there,
I am creating this type of garden myself.

The Tulips look so romantic
and the Black Eyed Susan's are a riot of colour.
The card in the centre has the most 
gorgeous window
and the window box is overflowing with
beautiful plants.

I just know that friends who receive these cards.
 will be very happy.

The next two cards are lovely,
this card is called
'Sit Tight' Ruffed Grouse

Look at all those luscious blackberries.

..... and these little fellows I just love.
It would be so much fun to take a walk with them.
On second thought,
I think I would have to wear my running shoes 
 to keep up with them.

If you are admiring 
these two pictures and thinking they are cards,
well I have to tell you, they are photographs
which Lynne took of her garden during the winter
last year.  You can be forgiven for thinking they
are a Christmas scene, because that is what they
look like.  The Red Cardinal perching on
the tree which is ladened with snow is a
triumph of a photograph.
I was amazed to see such a colourful bird
sitting on a snowy branch, I would
have thought it would have flown south for the winter.

....and as lovely as all the photographs and cards are,
I have saved the very best for last.

For those of you who read Lynne's blog,
you will be very well acquainted with Snickers,
who is absolutely adorable,
just look at those eyes.

It was so very kind of Lynne to send me all these wonderful presents. The cards are so lovely that I think I will have to keep them for a while.... so that I can  admire them and the photographs... I am going to place in my album.

I think most of you will have read Lynne's blog 'Irish Garden House', but if not, pay her a visit and say hello as I know you will be given a warm and friendly welcome.

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,

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