Wednesday 20 August 2014


Good Morning to you,

It is official..... I am getting old.  

Well, I have to tell you, that is not my opinion, as I don't think I am getting old, but since I reached retirement age, I keep getting all sorts of phone calls from people who think I am old.

"Do I need a stair lift to get upstairs?" one young man rang and asked me. 

I replied,  "No, I am as fit as a fiddle and walk around with out any problems."

He then asked, "Did I need help getting into the bath?"

" No I replied, because I am as fit as a fiddle and walk around with out any problems."

Then he asked me, 

"Do you need railings on your bed, to help you get in and out of bed each day".  

You've guessed it, 

"No I replied, because I am as fit as a fiddle and I walk around with out any  problems."

He went on to ask me another question, and I burst out laughing.  I said "Look, I have answered three of your questions, and I have told you that I am as fit as a fiddle, I really do not need any of these items which you are offering me.  I continued, I appreciate, there probably are people of my age who do need them, but I don't."

He then said, 

"That's a shame because I was going to ask if you needed a walking frame"......  at this point I really started laughing.  

He then said "Come to think of it, you don't sound like a regular 62 year old.... you sound quite young".  

To which, I said "Thank you, that is a very nice compliment".  I said goodbye, very nicely, and put the phone down before he could ask me any more questions.

It then got me thinking, what does a 62 year old woman sound like? 

Does something suddenly happen to our voices, is there suddenly an indication in our voices that we are of retirement age. I must make a note to check out my friends voices.... will they betray their ages.... I wonder.

Of course I am only joking, I do know it is because my name has appeared on some or other register, so I am targeted for apparatus which obviously companies feel at the age of 62 years I will need.

Truthfully, if I wanted to buy something, I would not buy from someone who is cold calling me, as I would do the research myself before I decided to buy anything.

....and don't get me started about life that is a whole other story..... who needs a free pen for signing on the dotted line.

At the moment, I am fit and healthy and I am going to keep being polite to the young men and women who call me, because I know they are only trying to do a job..... but I will keep saying no, when asked if I want a walking frame.... or maybe when the time arrives I will say yes.

Talking of aged, today I am making,

a Broccoli and Stilton Tart.  The aged part of this tart is the Stilton Cheese.... one of George's favourites.

So it's on with the pinnie, and the music I am listening to is,

Western Film Themes..... now that took you by surprise didn't it. The reason this music is playing is because George is in the kitchen and he is reading his paper.  So I thought I would play this album as he loves western films.... I have to be honest there are some pieces of music which I have never heard of.... I know 'The Big Country' and 'The Magnificent Seven', 'Rio Bravo', oh yes and 'The High Chaparral' and 'Bonanza' I was in love with Little Joe as a teenager.... weren't we all.

So while 'Dances with Wolves' is playing I will organise my ingredients.


200g plain flour
100g butter
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of water
(more if needed)


225g broccoli
175g Stilton
6 eggs
1 small red onion
3 tablespoons of milk
1 tablespoon of olive oil
sea salt

Pre-heat the oven to 160C

You will need a
10" round tart tin


Make the pastry base in the usual way
and blind bake the pastry case.


Cut the broccoli into florets
cut any large florets
into smaller pieces.

Half fill a medium sized saucepan
with water
and bring to the boil. 

Blanch the broccoli for 3 minutes.

While the broccoli is blanching,
fill a medium sized bowl with water
and add some ice cubes.
This will prevent the broccoli from losing it's colour
and prevent further cooking.

Drain the broccoli and leave to stand for 5 minutes
to remove any excess water.

Then lay the broccoli onto  paper towel
to remove any lingering water as you don't
want your tart to be soggy.

Chop the red onion into small pieces.

Place the olive oil into a small pan
add the red onion.
Cook until translucent.

Spread the onion into the base of the pastry case.

Arrange the broccoli over the onions


break the Stilton into small pieces
and arrange over the broccoli.

Whisk the eggs


add the milk to the eggs
whisk again.

Place the tart onto a baking sheet
pour the egg mixture into the tart.
(This makes it easier to put the tart
into the oven)

Bake for 25-30 minutes
or until the egg is cooked 
and the top is golden brown.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes,
then remove the tart from the baking tin.
Cut yourself a slice

We tend to enjoy this Broccoli and Stilton Tart with a light green salad as the tart itself is very filling.  It really does make for a lovely lunch.

If Stilton is not the cheese of your choice, then use a good strong Cheddar Cheese as that works very well.

George loves Stilton cheese, so this is the perfect tart for him.  I actually don't like Stilton cheese very much,  but when it is cooked with broccoli and placed in a tart I actually enjoy it..... strange I know.... is it my age???

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,


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