Sunday, 10 February 2013


Good Afternoon to you,

Thank you so much, for all your get well soon messages. I am pleased to report that I am on the mend....the worst is over....hooray!

Last week, I had promised to make some orange marmalade, but because I have been unwell, I was not able to get to the kitchen. Yes, I was ill, but that normally would not have stopped me, but George practically stood on sentry duty, outside the bedroom door, to make sure I did not escape into the kitchen.

I am not very good when I am ill, as rather than stay in bed and recover, I try to get on with things, but of course, it takes much longer to get better. All I kept thinking about was the marmalade I had promised to make,

but, in it's place, I have something that I think will interest you.

The Newcastle Daily Journal

Thursday 14th January 1926

We could have gone to  The Palace Theatre
where we could have seen the pantomime
Puss in Boots or
The Empire 
which had phenomenal success with
another pantomime,
The Forty Thieves.
Even today, pantomimes are very popular 
during the festive period.
Sadie, my mother in law, took her great
grandson to see his first pantomime, Aladdin,
in December of last year and he absolutely
loved it.  
There were lots of  children calling out 
"he's over there",
"oh no he isn't", oh yes he is!"
Great Fun.

We can see what is showing
 at the cinema
or as it was known in those days
The Picture House.
Do you fancy a story about intrigue,
gripping mystery and a
beautiful girl's devotion?
Yes? well the film for us is,
The Scarlet Honeymoon.

We could go to the 
The Picture House
wearing our dance frock
which we bought for half price at
The Copenhagen.

After dancing the night away, think about returning
home and switching on your lights. Just
like me, you will do it automatically, as it is part of our day to day life, but just
take a look at this advert.
Can you imagine a life without electricity.
This advert is about having electricity installed. 

I was so surprised to read about this
divorce, as Ivy (not my grandmother)
seemed to be leading two lives....but
was caught out.
How distressing it must have been 
for Mr Ivan Owen Belgrave Shirley to see
his wife leave on the afternoon of their
wedding day and not to see her again
until he caught sight of her in London
accompanied by another man.

.....and true to my heritage,
I could not leave you without a mention
about the weather.....even if it was in France.
It seems in January 1929 France was
experiencing some very cold weather.
Even the French Riviera had snow!

I hope you enjoyed reading a small part of this newspaper, I will show you more later.

Have a lovely day and I will see you later in the week.

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