Thursday, 17 August 2017


Good Morning to you,

There are periods in our lives when we meet people, and begin, what we think, will be a good friendship, only to discover, they are not the friends we thought they were. You know this in your heart to be true, but the hardest thing, is to admit it to yourself and to shed the said friendship. As we grow older, we realise, there is no place in our lives for these type of 'friends' because they do not make our heart sing.

.... but on the other side of the coin  there are people in our lives, who do make our heart sing and who make us feel we can do anything we want to..... fly to the moon, if that is our hearts desire.

.... and I am lucky to have friends and family who inspire confidence and who truly make me feel I could fly to the moon, if that is want I wanted.

Two of my biggest supporters are my daughters Natasha and Danielle, they make me believe I can do anything which I set my mind to.  I might not believe them at the time, but with their encouragement I usually surprise myself and manage to do whatever it is I set out to do.

For instance, Ivy, Phyllis and Me!

My biggest supporter and the one person who truly encouraged me to stop putting  pen to paper to write my recipes and to  begin writing Ivy, Phyllis and Me! was Natasha.  She gently guided me, even when I dug my heels in and made every excuse imaginable not to write this blog. The excuse which came up time after time was, 'I didn't have the time to write a blog, I was far too busy,' but still, living half-way around the world, Natasha persevered and would not listen to my lame excuses.  You see Natasha saw something which I didn't see, that I had a wealth of information tucked inside my brain, which was just waiting to be shared. She knew me so well, that she knew I would love writing, even if I didn't know this myself.  She instinctively knew that writing a blog would be the right platform for me. 

.... and so, with much 'kicking and screaming' Ivy, Phyllis and Me! was born.

Even though the original idea was to set down recipes for Natasha and Danielle, I did hope that someone else would visit, although I really didn't expect anyone would.

Well as it turns out, you did. I have many friends from this country and around the world who have returned to visit me week after week.  If you had told me on 'Day 1' of Ivy, Phyllis and Me! that friends would return again and again, I would not have believed you, but return you have and for that, I am so very grateful.

.... and so the world turns, because I have been given the most marvellous opportunity to help and support Natasha.  I want to support Natasha in the same way as she supported me.

.... and I feel with your kindness and help, it will set  her on the path to what she loves to do..... writing.  

Natasha is currently writing a book about that fabulous  80s TV Show, Dynasty and she is creating a series of YouTube clips, to highlight the book. Natasha has created these YouTube clips, by learning absolutely everything herself. She has spent hours upon hours learning about correct lighting, about camera work, about stop/go motion and so much more associated with making a good quality YouTube clip. To be absolutely honest with you I am in awe of what she has achieved.

So I have learnt, yes learnt..... amazing what you can do when you try..... to embed Natasha's latest Dynasty Teaser Trailer here on my blog. 

Wasn't the clip brilliant. If you enjoyed this YouTube clip, could I ask you to 'Like' and 'subscribe' as this will help Natasha get her YouTube clips noticed in the ratings.

I am just in awe of how Natasha has created this Teaser Trailer, there was so much work involved. Were your feet tapping by the end of the YouTube clip..... I know mine were.

I have also added a link to Episode 1. You will hear Natasha talking about the episode. Click on this link to  Natasha's YouTube site and if you wait until the very end, you will hear both my daughter's laughing.... which in turn, I feel sure will make you laugh.  I know both George and I laugh every time we listen to a new video. 

So before I leave you, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for your support. Please know that with your help and encouragement, you will be helping Natasha to achieve her dreams.

I look forward to catching up with you next Thursday.

As Always

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