Thursday, 3 August 2017


Good Morning to you,

When it comes to gardening, I have a clear idea of the style of garden I want to create. This comes from creating many different gardens in the many different homes we have lived in.  Not for me the formal style of garden. Not at all, give me curved, undulating borders, which are overflowing with flowers.  I love flowers which self seed and pop up in the most unexpected places.  It can make for a very interesting border. 

.... but the one thing I really have to think about, before any planting begins, is where to place my whirligig.

I could not live without my whirligig, because I love to see my washing blowing in the wind. When I unpeg the dry washing and take it indoors, I just love the fresh, outdoor smell.

.... and there is definitely a difference when it comes to drying sheets in a tumble dryer versus sheets which have been dried on a washing line. To my mind, no amount of 'perfumed smellies' can recreate that fresh, outdoor smell.

Sadie, my mother in law, used to watch the weather closely, before deciding whether or not to hang out her washing to dry and Phyllis, my mother, is exactly the same. A short break in the overcast weather was enough to have both Sadie and Phyllis dashing outdoors to allow their washing to blow in the wind, even if it was for half an hour.  Of course on days when rain threatened, they had to be vigilant and probably spent most of the time keeping an eye out for the rain.  But each felt it was worthwhile to allow their washing to blow in the wind, even for a short amount of time.

Both Phyllis and Sadie have a washing line which runs almost the length of their garden.  Phyllis' washing line is on a pulley system, so that when the washing is pegged, she uses the pulley system to hoist the washing line high in the air, to allow the washing to blow in the wind.

Sadie, is slightly different, because although the washing line is the same, Sadie uses a clothes prop. When all the washing has been pegged out, the clothes prop is placed in the centre of the washing line, so that the line can be pushed upwards, again, to allow the washing to blow in the wind.

Both Phyllis and Sadie, would never entertain a whirligig.  For them, a whirligig is on the same level as a tumble dryer..... to be avoided at all costs.  But I like whirligigs, because when the washing has dried, the whirligig can be closed and stored in the garage, hidden from view, until the next time it is needed.

So where abouts in our new garden, should my whirligig live.

I have a little system which I employ when deciding where to place it in any new garden. I watch for a few days to see how the sun plays out in the garden and to see which direction the wind mostly blows. Then only when I am satisfied that I have found the perfect place, will George begin digging a hole big enough for the heavy concrete base.  

Now I think you can see, just at the bottom of the picture the base I am talking about.... I have to tell you it is really heavy.

.... and are you wondering why it is half in the ground with the other half above the surface.

Well..... apparently, I am told, it's just in case I change my mind about the placement of the whirligig. Those are George's words, not mine.

The first time George did this, I thought he had only dug half the hole, but he said no, it's because experience has taught him, that I am just as likely to ask him to dig another hole, in a different position. He says it's because when I begin to plant the borders, I am inclined to plant large plants like foxgloves too close to the whirligig..... so much for my well thought out system. Although, I have no memory of doing this, maybe I have a selective memory, who knows.

I will let you know if the washing line stays in place or if it finds a new home. Actually, as the garden evolves, you will probably notice yourself if there is any change.

Oh just one thing before I leave you.

It occurred to me, that last week, I told you about our new neighbour, who bought us a beautiful Chrysanthemum plant, as a gift to welcome us to the neighbourhood, but I forgot to show you a photograph.

Isn't it a beauty.  I have enjoyed it indoors for a few weeks, but I then remembered that Chrysanthemums love to be outdoors, so I have placed it just outside the conservatory, where it will catch some sun and also the rain.

.... and we were gifted with not just 1 plant, but 2.

My lovely friends from my sewing group, presented me with this gorgeous Dahlia.... it is really stunning.

Like I said to you last week, I feel really lucky to have such lovely friends.

Take care and I will catch up with you next Thursday.

As Always,

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