Sunday, 20 November 2016


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It is Sunday afternoon and normally I would not be writing to you, but as today is 'Stir It Up Sunday' I thought I would pop by, to see if you are busy making your Christmas puddings today.

Christmas puddings are very traditional in my home and I make them most years, and the amount I make, depends on who is coming to stay for Christmas. 

At this time of year, when I am baking my Christmas cakes and puddings, my father is uppermost in my mind, because I can hear him say, 'Lovely mince pies, but I  think the pastry could have been a little thinner'. When it came to mince pies my father loved thin crumbly pastry, the thinner the better. I have to tell you, I never knew if I ever made the pastry thin enough, I think, after years of making mince pies, it just became a joke between the two of us. Having said that, he always ate the mince pies I baked and he always enjoyed them. So I think secretly he loved them.

So I wondered.  Are you making your Christmas pudding today.... and if so, are you looking for a recipe? 

Are you checking your cookery books to find a recipe you like? Now if you have your own family recipe, I would love to hear how you make your Christmas pudding, but if you are in need of a recipe, why not give my recipe a try.  I promise you, if you are a lover of Christmas pudding, you will not be disappointed with this recipe. I have provided step by step instructions which will make it much easier to follow the recipe. 

Now, why do I feel so confident about my recipe? 

Well, my father, David,  loved this Christmas pudding.... and that is all the recommendation I need.

Take care and I will see you on Thursday.

As Always,

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