Thursday, 24 November 2016


Good Afternoon to you,

I am always excited to receive a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or a Christmas gift, but do you know, I am even more excited, when I receive an unexpected gift.

.... and this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago, when I received,

this vintage Harris Sewing Machine.

Firstly I was thrilled, that our friend Nick, even thought about me and secondly that he would take the time to drive, a couple of hundred miles, to our house, to deliver this vintage sewing machine right to my door.... how kind was that.

When it arrived, it came with this beautiful wooden cover. As you can see the handle is missing, but I am going to see if I can find a replacement.

I have never heard of a Harris Sewing Machine, and as yet, I have not had the time to do any research. When I have a spare 5 minutes, I will begin to look into the history of this sewing machine.... which I am looking forward to doing.

I'm not even sure if Harris is an English make, of course there is the possibility that this Harris sewing machine could have been made in America. I will let you know when I find out.

I am intrigued to discover this machines history, because when you take a closer look at the gold and orange design around the base of the machine, it looks more like an Indian design.  I do know, the previous owner of this machine, travelled the world, but whether this machine was bought in India or made for the export market, I'm not sure.

I am intrigued by the bobbin, because I have never seen this design before.  I have left the thread hanging so that you can see the position of the bobbin. 

I love that the needle size required for this machine is etched on the little plate.... a great idea isn't it. I know it will be of no use to me now, but back in the day, when this machine was being used, if the handbook was ever lost, the owner would always have the needle size to hand. 

.... and look at this little bobbin case, it looks more like a shuttle. It took a little getting used to, because at first I found it difficult to slot the case into the machine, but after a little practice I was fine.

.... and take a closer look at the stamped design. You can see how vibrant  the colours are, it's as if the design had only recently been stamped onto the machine.... can you tell I'm a tad excited by this sewing machine.

This beautiful machine, does need some tender loving care, as it has been put away for many years and not used. Do you know, I am so pleased to be the one to administer the tender loving care this machine needs.

I do have a friend who knows of someone who repairs vintage sewing machines.  So after Christmas, I will be paying the gentleman a visit, to see what can be done, to bring this lovely machine back to full working order.

....and what do you think of,

my Christmas Cactus?  

Isn't it just fabulous.

This little plant lies dormant for the whole year, not looking particularly attractive, but when late November arrives, it flowers and it flowers and it flowers. It  changes from a mundane plant into the most spectacular plant.

The position in the port hole is perfect as the cactus has plenty of light.  Once a month, I very carefully, turn the plant, because apparently if you move the plant too much, it will not flower so well, that year. I also water it just a little, not too much, but enough that the plant can drink. One word of advice would be, if your not sure whether or not to water your plant, my recommendation would be, touch the top soil, if it is dry, then it is time to water, but the one thing you must never do, is over water, they hate waterlogged soil.

Oh yes and when you see the tips of the cactus turning red, it is time to feed the plant.

I am so thrilled to say, I have been doing the right thing, because this flowering Christmas Cactus looks amazing.

Don't you agree?

Before I leave you, I would like to wish all my American friends, 

'A Happy Thanksgiving'.

Take care and I will see you next Thursday.

This week I will be joining,

As Always,

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