Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Good Morning to you,

On Saturday, my girl friends and I, spent a lovely day together at the Customs House in Sunderland. We arrived in the morning to take part in a Creative Masterclass for rug hooking and clippy mat techniques.

Our tutor, Kathy, is a very talented textile artist and her exuberance for the art of rug hooking  is infectious. Kathy is the type of person, that after an hour in her company,  makes you feel you can achieve anything.

The course was run as part of the WW1 Centenary and we could choose to make either a poppy wall hanging or a summer garden wall hanging.  I chose a summer garden design, but of course, in the shape of my favourite design..... a heart.

I chose ribbons, lace, cord and net material and as I love pink and blue flowers in my garden, that was the path I followed, but somewhere along the line, I seem to have forgotten that, as I made predominantly pink flowers.... I think I just fell in love with the assortment of pink lace.  I can easily get back on track, as I have blue materials and ribbons here at home, so I can make  a few blue flowers to intersperse with the pinks. 

This is the first flower
I created,

my second flower,
(This photograph does not do justice to the design)

my third flower,

my fourth flower,

my fifth flower,
 finally, for now,

my sixth flower.

I love this material, the colour is perfect
and I love the crinkly look,
although to be honest, as much as I love it
for this project, I really do not like
this type material for clothing,
as I always feel I want to reach for my iron and
 give the material a good ironing.

This is not the end result, but I thought you 
might like to see how the colours work together.
Quite nice, I think.

I also need to add some green,
so I am playing around with some
material to see which I like the best.

As you can see, there is still quite a way to go to finish the design.  I am not a fast worker, I like to take my time,  to think about a project.  A couple of my friends finished their projects, so on this occasion, I have to get a shimmy on, as our designs are going to be on the Customs House website.

Have you noticed that there is something missing... there is no music playing.... yes, even when I am sewing, I love to listen to music. I created the sixth flower, here at home, and I listened to, well I won't tell you straight away, I will see if you recognise the lyrics,

'I rode my bicycle past your window last night
I roller skated to your door at daylight
It almost seems like your avoiding me
I'm okay alone, but you've got something I need.

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates
You've got a brand new key,
I wish that we could get together
try them on to see'

Do you recognise the song? I bet you do and if so, I just know you will not be speaking the words, I feel sure, you will not be able to help yourself....  you will be singing the song.....  'Brand New Key'

Do you remember Melanie singing the 'Nickel Song', I'm sure you know 'Ruby Tuesday'..... I can't stop singing 'Brand New Key'....what about you?

There is still a little way to go to finish my project, but I thought you would enjoy seeing how much I have achieved.

When the wall hanging is finished, I am going to ask George to make me a wooden backing so I can hang my summer garden, on the wall, in my sewing room...... all will be revealed....quite soon.

....... yes, you guessed correctly, I am keeping George busy with woodwork.

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,


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