Sunday, 16 February 2014


Good Morning to you,

What a time I've had, trying to catch up with you.  I have not been able to post using Google Chrome, since we had the heavy rain and wind on Wednesday evening, as the Internet cut out.  The Internet returned, the following day, but in returning, I have been experiencing all sorts of problems with my computer. 

I have to tell you that I was disappointed that I could not write to you on Friday, as I have been sat at my computer on and off since Thursday, trying to sort this problem out.... but enough of me complaining, the problem has been sorted and I am here now. Although it is a little late, as St Valentine's Day has come and gone, I thought you would like to know what I decided to make for George on Friday.

I originally decided,  for George's final St Valentine's Day treat, I would make him a huge pizza, with lots of Mozzarella cheese, salami and tomato sauce, but when George came home after taking Sadie shopping, he plonked himself down in the chair and said, he could really do with a Gin and Tonic.... but there was none in the house..... and then the light bulb went off, I thought that's it, I won't make a pizza, that can be made at a later date, I will treat George to a,

 Gin and Tonic, 
but not just any Gin and Tonic, 
oh no I would have to use
George's favourite Gin,
 Bombay Sapphire.

Don't you just love the words on the label,
"Hand selected exotic botanicals" 

So I nipped out to the shop
 snuck this bottle of gin into the house
without George suspecting a thing.

In the evening, 
I chose George's favourite glass,

I popped in some ice cubes,

sliced a lemon, 

added a measure (or two) of gin,

topped it off with tonic water

and added
a slice of lemon.

Then I took a sip...... ooh it was so nice. I can hear you thinking "I thought the G and T was for George"....well.... I had to make the first one for myself didn't I. I had to be sure I had used the correct measurements..... well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I added a handful of cashew nuts


 a handful of salted almonds


 what did I have?

One very happy husband. 

I told George I was going to make him a Pizza for St Valentine's Day and he said, as much as he would love a Pizza, the G and T was so much better.

The first time I had Gin and Tonic, I could not bear the taste, I thought it tasted awful.  Then many years later, my lovely son-in-law offered me a Gin and Tonic.  I refused, saying I did not like the taste.  He offered to make me one, the way he made it, using Bombay Sapphire Gin.  So I agreed, and I am so glad I did, because it was fabulous.  Just enough gin not to overpower the drink. So thanks to my son-in-law, I have loved a G and T ever since.

Did you think I had forgotten about the music? No I hadn't, I decided that as it was St Valentine's Day, I would chose a singer who George has loved listening to, since he was a teenager,

Bob Dylan.  This is the first LP which George bought as a teenager and he used to drive his mother up the wall, because he played the album over and over again..... not quietly, but at full volume. Whilst George was in England, listening to Bob Dylan singing Mr Tambourine Man, I was living in Cyprus, listening to The Byrds singing Mr Tambourine Man..... two very different styles, but which epitomise George and I.  Although, at the time, we lived thousands of miles apart and had never met, we both loved the same song.

Now you know, that both George and I, love and little G and T, what sort of drink do you enjoy.  Are you a cocktail girl?

Take care and I will see you on Wednesday.

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