Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Good Afternoon to you,

Usually, I walk along country lanes, and I see the odd cat and dog and even the occasional horse, but when Gajundren opened the gate and we walked out onto the road, look what was walking  towards us.  For me, this was a first experience.

We stopped to watch her, as we did not want to upset her, by moving around. She had come from the direction of the beach and was walking at quite a pace, so we assumed  she was making her way home.... maybe it was breakfast time.

We stood still and she continued walking, but she looked the other way as if she was ignoring us. I have to say, it was as if she was saying, "Just do not talk to me, I am not in the mood". She was focused,  and she obviously had to be somewhere in a hurry.

When  she reached us,  she turned to look at us  and without breaking her stride, carried on walking.

Have you noticed her painted horns? The colour has worn off slightly, but for the Tamil Nadu Pongal Festival, this young lady would have had her horns painted, she would have been adorned with brightly coloured pom poms, beads and bells.  In fact she would have been beautifully decorated.

When Gajundren was asked why the cows have bells, he said "It was so the owners know their cow is returning, by the tone of the jingle of the bells" then he added "also, it is a little bit style for cow".

.....and as you know we ladies love a bit of style.

We had decided to go out for a walk, quite early in the morning, so that we could enjoy the park in the cool morning air, before the sun became too hot. When we arrived at the park, it was a haven of tranquillity.  The birds were singing and although this large park is in the middle of a city, which is full of hustle and bustle, it felt so peaceful. There were so many stunningly beautiful bougainvillea plants. The colours were simply gorgeous.

As we walked through the park, we walked by more cows. 

We were interested in them, but they were really not interested in us. They were tethered to a tree, there eyes were closed and they were resting in the shade. 

This palm I found fascinating, as it was so tall.  Chennai suffers with monsoons and typhoons and I would have thought, that because of it's height, it would have struggled to stay upright during the storms, but maybe being so tall and thin, it was able to sway in the wind and survived.

We turned a corner and this fine specimen was walking towards us.

The owner saw me trying to take a photograph, so he stopped and posed for me, which I thought was very sweet considering they were working.

It was "The Day of the Cows".  It sounds like a film title doesn't it,  but it just seemed, on this day, there were cows around every corner. 

Even a beautifully carved  stone cow!

Take care and I shall see you later in the week.

This week I will be joining,

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