Sunday, 21 April 2013


Good Morning to you,

"Love and kindness are never wasted,
They always make a difference.
They bless the one who receives them,
and they bless you, the giver."

Last week, I was working in the kitchen when I heard the sound of the letter box.  I walked into the hall, and I expected to find the usual bills or circulars, but no, there, laying on my doormat were two lovely handwritten envelopes.

Last week, I shared with you my first piece of post, so this week, I will share with you my second.

and here it is,
a beautiful, handmade card.

The leaves are beautifully pressed and dried. I am not sure what the next part of the process is, as I am not a card maker, but the leaves look as if they have been covered with a gossamer layer of paper.

Can you see what I mean in this photograph. The gossamer  layer is more prominent. It is just so very delicate.

....and the person who sent me this lovely card is Diane who writes the lovely blog Lavender Dreams

.....and as I opened the card, look what I found.

Isn't this the most gorgeous pink handkerchief.  How on earth did Diane know that I love beautiful cotton handkerchiefs, I know it was a co-incidence, but it was such a pleasant surprise, because when ever I go out, I always have a handkerchief tucked inside my bag.

Do you see the pretty lace. I know the handkerchief is a little off-centre, but I thought it sat nicely beside the "lady in blue".

I shall tell you how I came across Diane. I was looking around the Internet, reading new and  interesting blogs when I found Diane at Lavender Dreams.

I was reading Diane's blog and reached the part, where she mentioned how she enjoyed writing letters and that she wrote to friends who lived all over the world. She said if anyone, who came across her blog, would like to correspond, then we were just to leave our address and she would write to us. So of course I did, because I love writing  and receiving letters.

I then became busy organising myself for our trip to India, so it slipped my mind to expect a letter. When  I returned from India this was one of the  two  envelopes which dropped through the letter box. As I looked at my name and address, I thought to myself, I do not recognise that handwriting, but of course, when I looked at the senders address, I remembered immediately.

It is such a beautiful card and such a thoughtful gift to send me, that  it really put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I am going to reply to Diane's card this week and  I  look forward to getting to know her.

Then blow me down, if I did not receive another card.

Now, I bet you cannot guess where this card came from. What is that you say, 

did you say India? 
Yes of course, you are right,

It was an Indian card sent by Natasha,

.....and as if that was not enough,

I received another card this morning.....and,

it was from Danielle. That mischievous little girl on the card is very reminiscent of Danielle when she was small, as she had the look of an angel, but she was very mischievous. The only difference was, Danielle had blonde hair..... and yes, she would have tried to get her hand into the large bowl of biscuits.....if she could have.....and if we had that many!

So, remind me not to complain about circulars, leaflets and the like, dropping through my letter box, because as long as every now and again, I receive hand written letters or cards, then I will always be happy.

It occurred to me, that you are very polite and not very inquisitive, as you did not ask me who sent me this card,

but in case you were wondering I thought I would tell you..... it was Natasha!

Natasha told me that she had been browsing through an old bookshop when she discovered this card nestled amongst "Bizarre Books" and she remembered Ivy's Cookery Book and thought of me straight away.....wasn't she kind.

The Internet is a wonderful thing, it allows me to connect with my daughters. Even though we are far apart,  we are kept up to date with the "goings on" in each others lives, but... 

to my mind, there is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter!

This week I shall be joining,

Take care and I will see you later in the week.

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