Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Good Morning to you,

I awoke this morning and heard the dreadful news about the bombing in Boston.

I was so sad to hear about the tragic loss of life and to hear how many people have been seriously injured by the explosions.

My love and prayers go out to everyone who has a family member or friend who has been affected by this senseless act of violence.

You are in my thoughts.

With Warmest Wishes,


  1. I can barely watch this unfold on the news. It is horrible. Praying for these who have lost so much. And the London Marathon is this weekend...

  2. Daphne, We may be on the other side of the world but we are all affected by the events at the Boston Marathon - so random, so horrible. Thinking of all my friends in the US today.

  3. Thank you so much Daphne. As I keep saying, over and over today, there are SO many more good people than bad in the world.

  4. It really is sad when you realize that anything can happen at any given time. Such a senseless tragedy.

  5. Wasn't this a horrific event? Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. I hope every country can work to make this a safer, kinder, world. It all begins with each of us.

  6. olá tudo bem?
    gostei do blog....
    abraço Leila

  7. Fiquei muito triste com tudo de aconteceu ai em Boston...
    Que Deus esteja presente em cada lar...renovando as suas misericórdias...pois elas não tem fim...
    bjs no coração de cada família..
    Leila - BRASIL

  8. So glad they got the guys responsible but sadly it won't make a difference to those families affected by this tragedy


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