Sunday, 9 September 2012


Good Morning to you,
Don't you just love unexpected surprises that bring a sense of joy to your day. That is what happened to me yesterday, when I was hanging out the washing to dry. 
George was busy in the garden giving his bonsai's their final trim, before they went down the road to their winter home... his brother's greenhouse.
He stopped trimming the tree and he called me over to look at a butterfly which had landed on a Buddleia bush. "Quickly get your camera" he whispered. Even George is learning about photo opportunities!  I whispered back "The camera is upstairs in my sewing room". He asked why wasn't it downstairs where I had decided to keep it. I had no answer and didn't want to discuss it as I wanted to dash upstairs and get the camera, not talk about it. 
So away I went, hoping as I ran (yes ran) up the stairs, that the butterfly would still be there when I returned. Coming down the stairs, I was taking the camera out of it's case, how I didn't fall down the stairs in my excitement I do not know. I arrived in the garden "huffing and puffing" (maybe I shouldn't admit to that) and the precious little butterfly flew onto my windowsill. I walked over to the windowsill and it kept it's wings closed, but I carried on clicking just in case. The butterfly finally began opening it's wings, but each time the  wings opened, I managed to click the camera at the wrong time, but I was determined! By the way "click" is a professional term which  we "professional photographers" use, mmmmm.
I knew the butterfly would return to the Buddleia as they love the nectar from the bushes, so I waited and yes it did. It flew back, but just as I was poised to take a photo, it flew back to the window sill again. So again I walked over to take my photo, but this little butterfly was being very camera shy. I am not joking, when I say I walked backwards and forwards across the garden about five times. I think this butterfly was playing games with me and sensed I really wanted to take it's photo. George found this all to be very funny and whispered that this was a "Diva Butterfly" which one minute wanted it's photo taken and then the next minute it changed it's mind. 
So this continued for a little while, then when this little beauty finally settled and I was poised with my camera, with my zoom on I might add, a gust of wind came along and the Buddleia, plus butterfly were blowing in the wind. George whispered "go for it, just keep snapping and see what you get". So I took his advice, and this is the end result. 
I would like to say, these photos are because I am a very talented photographer, but as I'm sure you have guessed, this is not true, it was a very happy accident.  Here are the photos of the beautiful Peacock Butterfly, so called because of the four 'eyes' on it's wings which resemble those of a bird.

I am so pleased with this photo "Little Miss Diva" finally relented and allowed me to take her photo in all her glory!
In this photograph she turned with the wind, but the Buddleia is very pretty. 
 Wasn't I lucky that she just loved being on the Buddleia
 George said when he looked at this photograph, it was as if calf eyes were looking back at us.
 ....and again just as she was closing her wings.

....and  this photograph you can see so much detail.  What a beautiful butterfly.

Consequently we have decided to plant more Buddleia's next year.

I hope these photos bring as much joy to your day as they did to ours.

Until next time, take care,

Best Wishes
Daphne xxx
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