Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Good Morning to you,
Sadly, today is the day when Phyllis leaves us to travel back home.  We have had a lovely two weeks with her and we have had great fun together.
Yesterday we went to the city to have lunch and enjoy a little bit of shopping.
When we arrived in the city centre, we were greeted with some wonderful African music.  I am sorry I cannot tell you the name of the band as we were unable to find out, but their music was very infectious, as Phyllis and I were swaying in time with the music.
Look to the right of the picture, do you see the chap wearing the big sombrero.... I have a feeling he was expecting a heatwave, or was he just camera shy, mmm not sure, but he continued to play his drums without raising his head. Maybe he was enjoying the moment.
We headed to the shops and came across this young busker, singing his heart out.  The bicycle was placed for a quick get away as buskers tend to be moved on by the police.  I love listening to buskers as it makes the shopping experience much happier. Like many before us, we put some money into his violin case.
One of the reasons we went shopping was for Phyllis to buy a new watch.   The Seiko watch she had worn for over 40 years had finally given up the ghost.  We had it cleaned and taken apart every time she visited us in Cyprus, but now it was time to say goodbye and find a replacement.
She wanted the watch face to be a little larger to make it easier for her to tell the time and she was thrilled with the one she chose which was a very fashionable DKNY watch.

We then decided to have a manicure, which Phyllis thoroughly enjoyed.  She chose a pale pink nail polish by OPI.  You can't see the colour very well in the photograph, as it was a little darker in real life, but it was a very pretty colour.
 It was then time for lunch.  So we stopped at our favourite restaurant and enjoyed chicken, mozzarella, parma ham with salad and pesto sauce, it was heavenly, with lots of fresh flavours.
I have to let you into a little secret, this wasn't the first photograph......this was,
and at what I can only describe as mouth watering excitement in wanting to eat my lunch,  I forgot to take a photograph.  We had decided to have some fries as an extra and I had just placed my fork in the first fry when I said to Phyllis..... oh no, I have forgotten to take a photograph, so it was down with the knife and fork and out with the camera.  I'm afraid  I don't always remember to take photographs, I'm usually busy enjoying the moment. I have lost some great photo opportunities, but hey, I'm getting better and I thought this photograph would make you smile.
When we finished lunch, we went out and about and came across a street artist.  He had so many chalk drawings of dogs, that I couldn't resist taking photographs.  I did ask if he would mind and he seemed very pleased to accommodate me.
Aren't these a couple of cuties.
and look at these handsome fellows
Do you see  the King Charles Spaniel, how I sighed when I saw this drawing as we used to have a King Charles.  Her name was Chloe and she was gorgeous. Sadly she is no longer with us, but she was part of our family for 14 years.
The Boxer dog reminds me of Toby my Auntie Molly's Boxer.
As we headed home, we came across our young busker again, he had a long day singing his songs, so we decided to place some more coins in his violin case.  He said thank you and waved us goodbye.....yes he stopped singing, well to be fair he had finished his song.

We had a lovely day together and in the evening I helped Phyllis pack her case ready for the morning.
She had a lovely holiday and she made lots of new friends.  Hopefully it won't be too long before she travels north again.
By the time you read this she will be in the air flying south and I will be a little sadder, but I must remember there will be a next time.
See you soon, take care until then,
Best Wishes
Daphne xxx


  1. That sounds like such a wonderful time with your mom and I do like the look of your lunch!

    1. Hello Karen, yes we had a lovely two weeks together, it just went by far too quickly. Our lunch was delicious, I think I ate far too many calories during the two weeks, but we have returned to "normal" eating now. Best Wishes Daphne

  2. Daphne,

    I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your mother. I wish her a safe trip home. My mother's name is Phyllis too. Unfortunately, she passed 10 years ago this month. May you have many more memories with her.

    1. Hello Donna, Fancy your mother's name being Phyllis aswell, it's a name that you don't come across very often, infact I know of no other Phyllis', oh that's not true, I've just remembered Phyllis Diller. I'm sorry your mother has passed, I'm grateful that mine is still with me as she will be 82 in September, so I am enjoying every moment I can with her. Best Wishes Daphne

  3. Daphne, I came over from Little Home and
    Garden. The food looks amazing and those dog paintings are adorable.

    1. Hello Mary, thank you for visiting. The street artist was so talented. I am a follower of your blog as I enjoyed your post about your garden. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. Hello, I popped over from Karen's blog, My Little Home and Garden. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog and enjoying the recipe posts, the daily adventures and the visit from you mum. I'll add myself as a follower to keep up with you. I'm originally from England, many years ago, and now live in Canada, not all that far away from Karen, but we have only met through out blogs. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hello Linda, thank you for your kind comments. Its very kind of you to become a follower. I have visited your blog and left a comment. Like Karen you take beautiful photographs. Take care, Best Wishes Daphne

  5. Good morning Daphne!Im following you!Im from Fionas Green Day!Love your blue white collection!I have blue Delft collection!Have a lovely September month!Waiting you for a hot cup of tea!Greetings from Athens!

    1. Hello Dimi, Thank you for following me . I agree with you blue and white is beautiful especially blue Delft. Can you believe we are in September already. Please will you send a little of your Athen's sunshine to England. Best Wishes Daphne

  6. Hello Daphne
    I'm visiting from Karen's blog (My Little Home and Garden) after reading of the thoughtful book you sent her. Karen and I live in the same Canadian province but unfortunately have not met - yet!
    You and I share the same milestone birthday this year and after reading some of your posts, I am now a new follower.

  7. Hello Judith, it's very kind of you to become a follower, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. It was so kind of Karen to tell her friends about me. I've just popped over to your blog and enjoyed reading about your garden, I have become your new follower, as I enjoy gardening and am always interested in learning new things. Best Wishes Daphne


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