Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Hello Everyone,

Surprise!  How are you today.  I know I don't normally write to you on a Wednesday, but today is the 4th of July  and I wanted to send love and best wishes to all my friends who live in America.



Look at all the wonderful American goodies I found whilst shopping.  I found something called Marshmallow Fluff which intrigued me.....any tips on how to use it.  The peanut butter is scrummy and I love it with  jam.  The salted pretzels are a favourite and George is hovering waiting for me to take the photograph so he can open the bag! There are some barbecue Marshmallows, which I have never eaten before, but I just feel they are going to be fabulous and finally some American Hard Gums, they remind me of English Rowntrees fruit gums..... I think  my waist line will be increasing this week!  We have quite a few "nibblies" to enjoy during the week or should I say two!!


 Do you see the John Wayne plate..... this is George's pride and joy as he loves John Wayne films (as does his brothers).... well any cowboy film really!  This plate normally resides in George's "man cave" but I persuaded him to let me use it for the photograph! Whenever a John Wayne film comes onto the tv, you will find George lying in a very relaxed position, on the settee in his "man cave".  George watched American cowboy films as a child in 1950's.  His favourite cowboys were the Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid and Roy Rogers and I'm sure many more which I cannot name!

Isn't this a fabulous photograph I wanted to share this with you as the paper flowers are lovely.

These lovely flowers were sent to me by "The Sugar Hill Gang" who live in Atlanta.  Do you know these flowers travelled from America to India and arrived in tact!  I was visiting my daughter at the time and what a lovely surprise they were, they arrived the day before we were flying back to England. My daughter gave me the vase as the flowers fitted perfectly.... aren't I lucky!

This lovely bouquet of flowers were made by the two "smaller" members of "The Sugar Hill Gang".  I love them and they sit on the shelf in my Sewing Room as they brighten my day and I hope the photograph has brightened yours.


See you Sunday,

Best Wishes

Daphne xxx


  1. Happy late 4th to you! In my family, we always used marshmallow fluff on baked, mashed sweet potatoes with just a touch of cinnamon. It's a special side dish usually just served at the holidays (perhaps because it's rather silly).

    My sister would also substitute marshmallow fluff for normal marshmallows on s'mores. She's a very strict vegetarian and marshmallow fluff doesn't usually have gelatin, unlike most solid marshmallows.

    I bet there are also some amazing desserts with marshmallow fluff. It is easier to spread, so it would go well on some type of chocolate pie. Maybe some Southerners could answer this question better!

  2. Also, here in Chennai we just enjoyed our 4th of July celebration with... Mexican food! Classic Californian-American. We also had some tasty fish, sausages, and shisk kabobs. Your daughter was our lovely host and we even had some fireworks from a nearby wedding! Hope all is well in England!

    1. Thank you for all the information about marshmallow fluff. I did taste it and it is very sweet....but I think I can grow to like it! (I have a very sweet tooth).

      I'm so glad you enjoyed your 4th of July celebration, sounds like fun and with every celebration, fireworks is the perfect thing to finish an evening's fun!

  3. Warms my cockles to see the flowers made the trip and still look as pretty as they did when we sent them on their way. They're lucky to be in your home. Strange how the pics in your blog are making me home sick for a place I've never been in person.
    As for the marshmallow fluff, Darryl enjoyed fluffernutter sandwiches as a kid. I'm more of a purest, I ate marshmallow fluff with a spoon. (:

  4. I love the flowers and they really do look fabulous. You are all welcome to visit us in England any time. What is a fluffernutter sandwich, is it marshmallow fluff and nuts?

  5. Oh, sorry- fluffiernutter = marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. (:


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