Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to report that on Sunday the sun shone and it was windy.....but not a drop of rain...hurrah!!!

I thought I would show you how a little bit of sunshine has brought my garden to life.

This serious looking  fellow is the Roman God,  Bacchus,
he is part of our water feature.

My beautiful David Austin Rose is awakening and  saying hello to the sun!

This morning I sat in the garden enjoying my morning cup of coffee, listening to the bees buzzing around the daisies ...... it was sheer joy.

The Pinks have a beautiful perfume


How do you start your day, do you prefer a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in the morning?

This is my morning cup of coffee

I start my day with a cup of filter coffee...not too strong...but I do like it quite milky.  There are so many coffees to choose from  and here are a few  that have "tickled my taste buds".


As a birthday treat we went to India to visit our daughter Natasha and her husband..... what a wonderful time we had. 

A beautiful Indian Quilt

Whilst there, Natasha introduced me to South Indian coffee, which I took to instantly.

Apologies to my Indian friends....I tried my best!

The ground coffee is made into a decoction (which is  very strong coffee). I found a quarter decoction to three quarters boiled milk worked well for me. It is quite a long process making the coffee, but well worth it.

South Indian Coffee Maker


Cyprus Coffee

Another style of coffee which I have tried is Cyprus coffee.  This is a very strong coffee which is drunk from a small cup with a glass of water on the side.   One heaped teaspoon of freshly ground coffee is added to each demitasse of cold water.  Sugar if required is added while the water is still cold.  The amount of sugar added is dependant on how sweet you like your coffee.

If you like sweet  coffee, this is called glykis.
If you like medium sweet coffee, this is called metrios. If you like unsweetened coffee this is called sketos.


Another coffee I enjoy is a cappuccino.

Without a sprinkling of cocoa
The milky froth was made with my Whittard's Aerolatte

 When we were on holiday in  Sorrento, I made a bit of a mistake! We had finished our afternoon meal and I decided to order a cappuccino. This  was greeted with horror by the waiter.  He said it was not right to order this coffee, as no one drank cappuccino in the afternoon. It was a  milky drink which was enjoyed in the morning..... oh dear, I never made that mistake again!

With a sprinkling of cocoa

Although I do drink cappuccino here at home in the afternoon.....sorry to any Italian friends who may be reading this!


Have you ever heard of Camp Coffee?  This was a coffee my Father and Gramps used to drink in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. 

My father in 1952.....wasn't he handsome!

 It is a liquid coffee which is made with heated milk.  The military used this coffee, as it was easy for the servicemen to make coffee whilst out on manoeuvres. 

Gramps in the 1930's

Camp Coffee is made in Scotland....... I honestly didn't think it was available anymore, to find out I made a trip to my local supermarket and there it was, sitting on a high shelve.  As well  as a drink it is also used  in baking.


 On Sunday I am going to bake a coffee cake but instead of using my normal coffee, I am going to add Camp Coffee. 

Please come and join me and we will bake together.

Take care and I will  see you on Sunday.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your week.

Best Wishes

Daphne xxx

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