Saturday, 17 November 2018


Good Morning to you,

I love this time of year, as I can feel the sense of anticipation beginning to fill the air. Along with most people, my thoughts are slowly moving towards Christmas. Nothing major, just making lists and organising my Christmas thoughts.

....but there is also something else on my mind, which I am getting a tad excited about. I know, that in a short while, the many boxes stored in the loft, will be brought downstairs and each decoration will be carefully unwrapped. I love that each year, at Christmas time, our home takes on a whole new look, when it is filled with twinkly lights and beautiful baubles.

.... but there is a small problem with Christmas decorations being stored away for so long.... I tend to forget from one year to the next, just what I have packed away, so each year, I succumb to maybe one or two new decorations,

and this year is no different.  Well how could I walk away from such lovely Christmas decorations. I mean, it would be such a shame and if I hadn't bought them, I would have only regretted it, so for my peace of mind I decided to buy them.  As you can see,  I can convince myself of anything. 

With thoughts of Christmas lights and Christmas baubles, it is lovely to see the change in our city. The buildings are beginning to be dressed in their Christmas finery. Twinkling lights are hanging from shop windows. Christmas Markets visit our city and life is generally filled with hustle and bustle.

.... and Friday was no exception. I decided it was time to begin my Christmas shopping, as I have Christmas gifts which are to be posted abroad and although I cannot share with you the gifts I bought, I can certainly show you these,

gorgeous little robins, carved from wood. I looked at them, walked away.  I looked at them again on my return journey, and thought to myself, 'Mmm  they are really sweet', but my hands were filled with shopping bags, so I walked away.  You never know, they may be there the next time I go into town.

... and look at this stall.  Each year, we are thoroughly spoilt, because this company travels from Holland to bring us the most wonderful plants.

.... and as I am sure you can imagine, 

I lingered for quite a while looking at these lovely plants.  Do you see the cloud pruned trees on the left hand side of the photograph,  they are rather special aren't they.

What I love about our city is that you never know what to expect around the next corner.  I was amazed to see a young man creating this sand sculpture.  All the work he had put into this sand sculpture and all the pleasure he had given to passers by, would be turned back into sand at the end of the day.

There were Scottish bagpipes filling the air and as you can imagine this drew a large crowd. Around another corner there was a folk singer singing his songs.

... and around another corner I spotted these wooden reindeer,  carved from logs. I thought they were so cute.

All in all I had a lovely day.  I managed to buy quite a few Christmas presents.... but I still have a few more to buy.

Oh well, there is nothing to be done.... I will just have to return to our lovely city next week.

Oh I just remembered, I won't be with you next Saturday as I am going to The Harrogate Christmas Fair, so I will catch up with you later in the week, when I will tell you all about my trip. 

Until then,

As Always,

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