Saturday, 5 May 2018


Good Morning to you,

When I write to you each week, I feel I am writing a letter to a friend.  In the letter, I tell you about things which have 'tickled my fancy' during the week.  

The letters tend to be long, because once I start writing to you, I cannot stop, as the words keep flowing.

.... but as from this week, every now and again, there is going to be a slight change, as I am going to introduce a postcard. On my postcard,  there will be fewer words, but the bonus will be, not one picture, which is the normal rule, but between 6 and 10 pictures, because why have 1 picture when you can have many more to enjoy.

.... and the reason for the postcard is, I want to share our progress in the garden and what better way to do that, than with photographs. I also need to spend more time in the garden because as you know, when we moved here last year, there was so much work to do.  If you are new to Ivy, Phyllis and Me! and you would like to see the huge task we faced, please press this link 

As an added bonus, we listened to the weather forecast last night and we have been promised the most glorious 4 days of warm sunshine. Which is so lovely, but as you know with the sunshine, comes the weeds.  We really thought we had eradicated most of the weeds, but no, they are like a 'bad penny' they just keep returning.  I do not use any chemicals in the garden, so I have the laborious task of hoeing the weeds, over and over again as this weaken the little blighters.  On the plus side.... and there is always a plus side, I am exercising my arms.

So before this postcard, turns into a letter, I will show you how the garden has evolved in just one year.

Now why am I showing you a shabby window box? The pansies, fritillary and daffodils are looking lovely, but the window box, well, that is in a sorry state of affairs. 

.... but it is spring time and the birds have taken a fancy to my window box and are using the recycled material for making their nests. I certainly do not begrudge them, actually I am pleased.

This Montana Clematis is spreading so well and the flowers are so pretty.

The ferns are unfurling all over the garden and when unfurled they will cover this space.  In the background an Evening Primrose is growing.  I have been very successful with growing these plants from seed.

The grass is growing well and when the bushes along the fence grow, we will be living in a sea of green.

I really think the daffodils and tulips will be finished by the end of this hot spell, so I will enjoy them while I can.

These bulbs I planted in my chimney pot  have grown very happily.

Now this photograph, you might think is a little strange, but the reason I am showing you, is this is what I am working towards.  All my borders spilling over with cottage garden flowers. Here you can see foxgloves and campanula ready to throw up their flowering shoots.

Look a little closer and you will see the little pink flowering buds on this geranium, which I feel sure will burst open over the weekend.

.... and at the end of last summer, I sprinkled Forget-Me-Not seeds into the soil.... and they have rewarded me by popping up all over the garden.

What do you think of these pair?  As you know George has a brilliant sense of humour and he is the reason these fabulous little frogs are sitting on the stone. Apparently, they represent George and I.... do you like how I am looking adoringly up at George.  

I love a little humour in a garden.

Speaking of George, I think it's time I left you and went to check on him.... as left to his own devices, you never know what he might get up to in the garden.

Take care and I will catch up with you next Saturday.

As Always,

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