Thursday, 18 May 2017


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I was reading in the Good Housekeeping magazine, that this week is British Sandwich Week.  By all accounts this is an annual event and it is a week long celebration of the British Sandwich.

To tell you the truth, in previous years, this event has passed me by and I'm not sure why.  So this year I've made a note on my calendar, to remind me about British Sandwich Week next year. 

I then thought it would be fun to ask my family about their favourite sandwich combinations.

Danielle's is definitely George's bacon, cheese and brown sauce sandwich.... to be honest, I had never heard of bacon and cheese until Danielle mentioned it to George. Danielle's perfect bacon sandwich has to have 3 thick slices of bacon, which incidentally, has to be bought from the local butcher, no other bacon will do, and the bacon has to be placed inside two medium slices of buttered bread.

Now, I know Natasha also loves George's bacon sandwich, but she is a purist.  She enjoys only bacon inside two slices of buttered bread.

So I asked what Stephen's favourite sandwich was.... and it seems Natasha has a double favourite.  When in England, she loves her dad's bacon sandwich, but the one sandwich, both Stephen and Natasha dreamt of, when they lived in India, was,

a sandwich made of sliced granary bread, good quality ham, mature Cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and grainy mustard.... oh but I'm not sure if the bread was buttered.

It's interesting the things our taste buds miss when we live in another country.  I remember when we had a family holiday in Goa, I loved all the spicy Goan food, but towards the end of the holiday, my taste buds wanted something plain.... in actual fact they were screaming out for something plain to eat and you'll never guess what I asked for one evening.... french fries, yes honestly, french fries.... nothing else and once eaten my taste buds were satisfied. So I do understand Natasha and Stephen's craving for this sandwich, because during their stay in India, these ingredients were unavailable to them.

So in honour of British Sandwich Week, I thought I would share with you Natasha and Stephen's favourite sandwich.

There are no amounts, instead, I have added photographs so you can see the ingredients I have used.


Start by slicing your loaf of bread

I used 2 slices for George.

Spread each slice of bread with butter, then
spread the grainy mustard.

If I was making this sandwich for Phyllis, I would have made sure that the butter and mustard reached the edges of the bread.... as this is the way she likes her sandwiches. She cannot abide dry bread.


slather with as much or as little mayonnaise as you like. Maybe you prefer less slathering. 

Add 2 square slices of mature Cheddar Cheese.

2 slices of ham

Slice the iceberg lettuce into strips
add salt if required
and place on top of the ham.

Place the 2nd slice of bread, which has been spread with grainy mustard and mayonnaise

on top of the lettuce. I find the mayonnaise helps to keep the lettuce in the sandwich. Although once
bitten into, the lettuce does escape.

Cut the sandwich in half.... and I have to tell you that you will need a serviette for this sandwich, because as you can see, it is a very full sandwich.

I wonder if this sandwich will pass muster with Stephen, as I know, he makes a very good sandwich.

I know it did with George, so I am wondering if this sandwich will replace his previous favourite, 'A George Size Sandwich', which I have added to my featured post this week.

I did ask him, but he was very non-committal because he was enjoying Stephen's sandwich.  He just smiled.... I think he was wondering what other sandwich fillings might be coming his way.

Personally, I am very boring, as my favourite sandwich is a toasted Cheddar cheese sandwich. Not very exciting, but lovely all the same. Oh but I do love a little mango chutney served with my toasted sandwich.

I was reading about the origin of the sandwich and it seems John Montague the 4th Earl of Sandwich asked for cold beef to be placed between slices of toast, as he did not want to leave the card table and interrupt his card game.

Isn't it strange how these things happen. I feel sure the Earl of Sandwich would be amazed to know that his slices of toast and beef became known as a sandwich.... and all because he didn't want to leave the card table.... amazing.

Take care and I will see you next Thursday.

As Always,

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