Thursday, 13 April 2017


Good Morning to you,

The week before last, I was busy working in the garden and did not hear the knock on the front door. George had gone swimming, so he was not around to answer the door and I have to say, I keep meaning to buy one of those door bells which alerts you, when in the garden, that the front doorbell is ringing, but as yet I haven't managed to get around to buying one.... I really must make a point of remedying this situation.

Luckily, I have a lovely neighbour, who was working in her front garden and saw the postman arrive at my door. She peeked over our adjoining back garden fence, to let me know that the postman was knocking on my front door, and that he had a parcel in his hand. I stopped what I was doing, and luckily on this occasion I was wearing gardening gloves, so my hands were nice and clean, but I have to say, that is not always the case, so I did not have to waste time washing my hands. I opened the door and there stood the postman with a large parcel in his hand.

I was pleasantly surprised, because I wasn't expecting a parcel to be delivered, but I was secretly thrilled, because don't you just love unexpected parcels.

I signed for the parcel and thanked the postman. I then closed the front door and as I was walking into the kitchen, I noticed the postmark on the parcel and I knew immediately who the sender was. The lovely Bea and her family had sent us a  gift from America.

I wasted no time, I immediately found my scissors, which for once, were where they were supposed to be, and opened the parcel, to discover a jug of Wolcott New York Pure Maple Syrup, a jar of pure maple cream, some granulated maple sugar and a packet of maple fudge..... how wonderful is that. I was tickled pink.

I have heard of maple syrup, but I feel sure, I have never used it as an ingredient in my cooking. I remember eating pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast, on one of my visits to America, but that is all I know about its use. I was not sure how to use the rest of the ingredients.... but that is what is so exciting about discovering new ingredients, finding out how to incorporate them into a recipe.

.... but no research was needed, because after removing the jars and jug, I discovered a recipe card tucked into the side of the parcel. I was especially surprised to see a recipe for spicy maple lemonade, which included a touch of cayenne pepper.... sweet and spicy sounded good to me.  I love salmon and there was a recipe for maple glazed grilled salmon.... a definite winner in my book. Also maple jalapeno peppers, which included cream cheese, feta cheese and grilled, crumbled bacon strips... all the ingredients I love. I also discovered that maple syrup can be added to coffee, my breakfast muesli, plain yoghurt and a host of other dishes.

I then read the nutritional value of the maple syrup and was surprised to learn that maple syrup is described as 'nature's healthful sweetener' containing vitamins, minerals and necessary amino acids. How exciting, something sweet and healthy.... now that's unusual.

Now I feel sure you are expecting me to write about a dish I have made using this maple syrup.... but  I have to say, not on this occasion, because today, we are making, what I had meant to share with you last week,

a very simple dessert, but a delicious dessert.  My favourite yoghurt, is full fat Fage Total Greek yoghurt, it's creaminess and slight tartness is divine and I often use it as an after dinner dessert, because good yoghurt also aids digestion.

I had decided upon our evening meal, but we both fancied a dessert as well. This tends to happen more at the weekend, but we had both been working hard and I think we had built up quite an appetite. Now believe it or not, I did not fancy whipping up a dessert. Yes, sometimes, even I, am not in the mood for cooking. So I took a look inside my fridge to see what I could use, to create a dessert.  I had a full tub of Greek yoghurt, but I had run out of honey and walnuts, which is my favourite way of eating Greek yoghurt, but I noticed half a jar of lemon curd which I had made the previous week, languishing in the back of the fridge and which needed to be used. I decided the tartness of the lemon curd would make a nice change to the sweetness of my usual honey... so the dessert was decided.

So it is on with the pinnie, and it is a bit of a cheek to talk about ingredients and method, because this dessert is easy peasy. I decided to include the dessert this week, because I felt that maybe you had not thought about combining these two flavours to make a quick dessert for your family and we all need speedy desserts to add to our repertoire.


Serves 4

500g tub of Greek yoghurt
2-3 dessert spoons of lemon curd
plus 4 teaspoons of lemon curd to decorate
4 tablespoons of blueberries
4 thin slices of lemon and lime zest, per dish, 
to decorate


Place the Greek yoghurt 

the lemon curd
into a 

medium sized bowl.

Mix 2 dessert spoons of  lemon curd into the yoghurt.
and mix together.
At this point I would suggest you taste test, because the dessert may be lemony enough for you, 
but if you feel you would like a little more lemon flavour, then add the 
3rd dessert spoon of lemon curd.

Place the yoghurt and lemon curd dessert into a pretty dish
place a teaspoon of lemon curd in the centre of the yoghurt.

Arrange the lemon and lime zest over the lemon curd


add the blueberries.... yes it really is as simple as that.

Then all there is left to do,



You can use a good quality bought lemon curd, but I have to say, if you have the time, homemade is really much nicer.  If you would like to make your own, you can follow my recipe. Or if you prefer, you can click on the Featured Post towards the top of the page, to see how I make lemon curd.

Now since, I have made this Greek yoghurt dessert, I just had to try the maple syrup, swirled through some Greek yoghurt.... and oh my word.... it certainly is a little moreish.

Just to say, I will be sharing a recipe, using maple syrup, in the next couple of weeks, but for now, whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful Easter and take good care of yourself. 

I will catch up with you next Thursday, which will be around before we know it.

As Always,

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