Thursday, 23 March 2017


Good Morning to you,

My blog is not a political blog, it is a place where I share with you, the things I love in my everyday life.

.... but I cannot let yesterday's horror pass by without comment.

The day started well. I decided, in the afternoon, to catch up with some ironing, a job which I don't really enjoy, so to pass the time, I often watch a film.

I switched on the television and as George had been watching the news channel, in the morning, the television went straight to the BBC News.... and I could not believe what I saw, unravelling before my very eyes.

There had been a terrorist attack in the heart of London. 

It was reported that a terrorist had driven his car, into a group of people, who were walking across Westminster Bridge. They did not stand a chance. These everyday people, were going about their daily business, some going to work and others, enjoying the sights of London. 

As the scene unfolded, it appears, the terrorist, then abandoned his crashed car and  walked to the Palace of Westminster, where he tried to gain entrance.  I don't know if he had a knife in his hand at the time or if he took the knife out of his jacket, as the information is sketchy as I write this, but the terrorist, attacked an unarmed policeman, who I heard this morning had sadly died.

Eventually the terrorist was stopped, by armed policemen, from within the Palace of Westminster.

Four people died, including the terrorist.  40 people were in hospital, some in a critical condition.

.... and this makes me feel so sad. 

I am so sad for the people who lost their lives and for the families who will never see their loved ones again. 

I am so sad for the people who are critically ill, whose lives have changed forever. 

I am so sad for the people who witnessed this terrible scene, as it is something that will live with them, probably for the rest of their lives.

I am so sad for the party of school children from France, who, whilst on a school holiday, having fun,  witnessed this dreadful scene. I have been thinking about them all day.

.... and as the days roll by, I feel sure we will learn more and more about what happened yesterday.

But for today, can we place our hands on our hearts and send our collective love and sympathy, to everyone, who was caught up in this terrible attack.

Let them feel the strength of our love.

As Always,

With Warmest Wishes
to you.

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