Thursday, 20 October 2016


Good Morning to you,

Have you noticed, when we pass people in the street, we are often privy to some lovely conversations, which aren't really meant for our ears, but we can't help but overhear. Of all the conversations which I have overheard, I have never heard a snippet of conversation, like this little gem.

This is what I heard, as I passed, two gents talking to each other.

'Let's round it up to a nice £100,000.00.  That is such a nice, round figure.'

I drew a gasp, which luckily was not loud enough for them to hear, and I carried on walking towards my car.

I was on my way home after spending a lovely morning with my friends.

.... and while I was driving home, I started thinking.... have I ever thought of £100,000.00 as a nice round number.... well the answer to that question, would be no, because to tell you the truth, I have never thought about the sum of a  £100,000.00. It is a number which has never figured in my life.

.... but let's pretend.  If I did have access to a spare £100,000.00, what would I do with it.

There are the obvious answers, such as, pay off the mortgage, share the money with our daughters and family and give to charity. I mean that goes without saying.

So apart from all the obvious answers, of which there are many.  If money was no object and I had this amount of money available to me, what would I spend the £100,000.00 on.

Being the thrifty person I am, I could visit the Pound Shop 25,000 times, spending an average of £4 per visit. Would I tire of that, probably, because although I am thrifty, I can't think of enough things to buy. So I wouldn't be able to spend my money there.

I could go to the cinema approximately 16,600 times. The problem with that is, will there be that many films which I will want to see.... probably not, plus I don't have enough years in front of me, to go to the cinema that many times.

I could buy 16,666 pairs of shoes at £60 a pair. Would that make me happy.  Initially, I would say yes, but after buying the first couple of pairs, the excitement would wear off and I would become bored. The pleasure of buying a new pair of shoes would then disappear.  

Then how about my garden. Can you imagine the amount of specialist plants I could buy for my garden, but I wonder, would I be any happier with my garden, than I already am. Would I look at each expensive plant and think 'How wonderful, I own a plant which cost £100, £200.... or even more'. I just know I wouldn't. I have created most of my garden, by swapping plants with friends and family, buying plants from car boot sales and the Pound Shop and discounted plants at my local garden centre.  My pride and joy, and only expense for my garden, are my David Austin roses,  but I have to tell you, each time I buy a David Austin rose, I feel a warm glow inside, because I just know the rose is going to be stunning when it flowers.  So I don't need a £100,000.00 spent on my garden to give me pleasure.  

In fact, my favourite gardening expedition, was when Natasha and I went to the Chelsea Flower Show. On the very last day of the show, the plants are sold very cheaply, so as you can imagine, this really appeals to me. Each plant we bought was such a bargain. You should have seen us trying to carry our roses whilst boarding the train.... it was hysterical. When we left the Chelsea Flower Show and looked around, there were so many like minded people, struggling to carry their plants, whilst walking towards the tube station. Also like us struggling to maintain their grip on the plants they had bought, and also like us, loving every minute, because the pleasure they would receive, when they arrived home with their plants in tact, would be immeasurable.

So if there is nothing I would wish to buy for my garden, 

.... how about a diamond ring. I have to tell you, I couldn't bear wearing a ring which cost so much money. I mean, what's the point.  Yes the ring would be beautiful and yes it would be sparkly, (and I do love a bit of sparkle) but would I be filled with joy each time I wore the ring. Again I don't really think so, and if ever George decides to buy me a ring, I'll wear it and let you know (truly I am only joking as that will never happen). So I can cross an expensive diamond ring from my list, as it is not for me. 

I've just had a thought.... another reason an expensive ring would not be for me, is, it would probably disappear just like my reading glasses. I'd put the ring down, then never be able to find it again.

The list could go on and on. 

So what would you do with a spare £100,000.000. 

I just know, you will want to list all the kind things you would want to do, but this is just a fun question, think of something frivolous.... I can't help you I'm afraid, because I'm still thinking.

So while we are both thinking, it is time to tell you, that the music I am listening to today, is taken from a lovely triple album which George bought me last Christmas. The album is called 'The Fifties Album' and it is chock-o-block with one of my favourite genres of music. It has been difficult to choose just one, but finally I have chosen,

sung by Nat King Cole.  George's father loved Nat King Cole and every time I hear him sing, memories of Bob come flooding back to me.

Now I have to tell you, today, there is no baking or cooking, instead I thought it was time to share with you the results of the garlic cloves I planted in September 2015.

You have no idea, how hard it has been for me, to leave them alone, but leave them I did.


a couple of weeks ago.... and look at these little beauties.  I am thrilled.

My friend told me that garlic grows in a similar way to onions and that when the stems start to look as if they are withering away, it is time to dig up the bulbs.  The important word is dig and not pull.

This is how the garlic looked in May.... very healthy don't you think, but not ready to be dug up.

Now between you and I, I think maybe I left them a little too long.  Looking at these pots, you would think there would be nothing to show for all my trouble.

So I was a little apprehensive when I put the trowel into the soil. I really should not have been worried, because this was the first little beauty which appeared. Out of the 5 cloves I planted in each pot, I dug up 4 garlic bulbs.... I am so pleased.

.... and the second pot which I planted still had the stems attached when it came to digging up time. It didn't seem to make any difference to the size of the garlic bulbs, they were of a similar size.

I have since learnt that I should have kept the stems in tact so that I could plait the stems.... lesson learnt for next year.  You can see how well that single clove grew into a bulb.

.... and if you are thinking.... ooh I don't like the look of those garlic bulbs.  Just take a look at how they look when they are cleaned and the skins removed.

I was so thrilled with these garlic cloves, that I used these straight away.  I tucked them into the cavity of a chicken, along with some quartered lemons and I slow cooked the chicken.

.... but that is something to share for another time.

If you would like to read how I  planted my garlic cloves, then  pop over and see how it all began. Give it a go.... honestly with the right planting conditions, you will not be disappointed.

Oh and before I leave you.  As far as the £100,000.00 is concerned, I still haven't thought about how I would spend it.... I think it is just too much money for me to think about.

Take care and I will see you next Thursday.

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