Thursday, 21 April 2016


Good Evening to you,

.... and where was I last week?

Well I shall tell you, I left the very cold North East of England to visit the much warmer, Isle of Wight.

We decided to enjoy a mini break and visit the Isle of Wight, in the south of England. The only thing is, I didn't have the time to let you know about our trip, as time seemed to sneak up on me, a little too quickly.

We travelled light, with just a rucksack each, which is pretty amazing for me, as usually, I want to pack everything, but the kitchen sink, but no, on this occasion, I was very good.... and here's the proof, well not of me carrying a rucksack, but George, looking very dapper carrying his rucksack. Do you know I am so surprised he let me show you this photo as he is normally very camera shy.

When we left Newcastle, to fly south, the sky was very grey, the wind was blowing and the rain was falling so hard, that I couldn't keep my umbrella up. It was so very cold. It really did not feel like Spring at all.

.... and then, after a short, hop, skip and a jump.... in actual fact, it was an hour and ten minutes flying time,

we arrived in Southampton, to be greeted with warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies, we couldn't believe our luck. 

We then boarded a train for the short journey to Portsmouth Harbour, where we waited just 15 minutes, for the ferry to transport us to the Isle of Wight. It was marvellous, because everything was on time and there was no hanging around, due to time delays.

We watched the activity in the harbour while we waited for our boat to dock,  then we boarded, to travel the 20 minute journey across the water.

There was a lot of shipping traffic in and out of the harbour and here you can see, another Isle of Wight ferry returning to Portsmouth Harbour. 

Do you see the sun shining on the water? I absolutely love  this image, as it takes me back to my childhood in Cyprus.  As a child, I would watch the sea sparkling for what seemed like hours and to be honest, I still love to see the sun shining on the sea. I used to find it so fascinating.... and yes, as a child, I really believed they were diamonds floating on the water.

It was such a beautiful day, that there were quite a few people sailing their yachts. If it had been Cowes Week, then it would have been a totally different story, as the Solent would have been awash with yachts. 

Once the boat had docked at Ryde Pier, we caught the local train into Lake. It was like travelling on the London Underground.... very noisy. We took the short walk to our hotel, as we both needed to stretch our legs.... but during the walk, we had to take our coats off, because it was so warm, we both really enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine.

We settled into our hotel and then went to the Merrie Gardens restaurant  for our evening meal.

The following day, we decided to take a stroll into Old Shanklin, where we found the most beautiful thatch cottages.

With beautifully laid out gardens. As it was only April, there wasn't very much colour in the gardens, but there were some lovely trees and shrubs.

There was a wide variety of food to enjoy.  A juicy steak for George and seafood for me. I have to say, give me the choice of a steak or a seafood platter and there is no competition, as I will always choose the seafood platter.

We walked a little further, and there ahead of us, we saw a sign for,

The Crab.  I had to walk passed it and turn back to take the photograph, as it was hidden from view until we actually walked up to it. The Crab is a place full of memories as we had taken Natasha and Danielle there, many years ago, when they were little girls. As you can see from the beautiful blue sky, we really had glorious weather.

Walking passed The Crab, I discovered  this absolutely gorgeous, pink,

tea room call the Old Thatch Teashop.  Take a look at the roof.... aren't they just a little fabulous, a thatched cup and saucer and teapot.... they are just adorable.

.... and what a pretty teashop this was.

I loved the larger sign telling me I could enjoy morning coffee, with crumpets and teacakes.... and the little sign to say they were open for business was really cute.

As we wandered back to the hotel, there were so many lovely houses to enjoy. 

There came a point when I thought, I really must stop taking photographs of thatched cottages, but then I thought to myself, the sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, the cottages are a feast for the eyes, so I just knew you would indulge me.

So that is what we have been up to during the past week.

.... and my savings account for my chair, well, that was put on hold.  I would much rather have a mini holiday than a chair, so I will tack an extra week on to make up for last week. You know how much I love cooking, but I also loved not having to pick up a pot or pan,  I had a wonderful time.

Doesn't a little bit of sunshine lift the spirits.... and you'll never guess what, when we arrived home, the sunshine followed us. We have enjoyed two, wonderful  sunny days.

Having said that, we are told to expect some arctic weather over the weekend.  Can you believe it, we have been warned, that there is even going to be snow on the high ground.

Hey ho! That's England for you. 

Take care and I will catch up with you next Thursday.

This week I will be joining,

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