Thursday, 30 July 2015


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I have travelled on many different roads, but I have to tell you, travelling on the roads of New Delhi is a totally unique experience and it certainly isn't for the faint hearted.

There are a number of ways to get through the experience. For instance,

you can close your eyes and listen to some soothing music and ignore what is going on around you


you can read a book and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the text and not be distracted by the sounds you will hear.

Of course, if you are brave enough, as George was, you can watch the comings and goings of the New Delhi traffic, but even George found it difficult to follow the rules, because just as he thought he understood them, a car would appear and travel up the wrong side of the road.

The most constant sound you will hear is the tooting of car horns. A toot to get out of the way, another toot to say you are there behind a car and finally a toot to say you are over taking. I have to say, I did not work out what the double toot meant... probably best to leave well alone. So much tooting.... so as you can imagine, driving is certainly not a relaxing experience.

For the first part of our journey to Agra, we had to do battle with the New Delhi traffic, in all its shapes and forms.... 

with its mix of cars, motor cycles and young men pushing their wheel carts

to the many auto rickshaws which are always in abundance.

New Delhi is a city which is always full of hustle and bustle and there are always so many people
 out and about, even at eleven
 or twelve o'clock at night.

So as you can guess, driving out of New Delhi was going to be quite an experience.

Having said that,
you can imagine my surprise, when
 after the hustle and bustle of New Delhi,
 we found ourselves travelling along a
 three lane expressway,
 which was devoid of traffic.  
There were no auto rickshaws, 
there were no motorbikes carrying families, 
there were no cars.... 
for quite a few miles there was just us, 
which seemed very strange, almost eerie. 
It was as if everyone else knew something 
we did not know
that they had forgotten to tell us.

Then finally, we spotted a car on the other side of the expressway.... so a photo was in order, but still our road ahead was clear.

There was the odd spot of colour, which came from the pink of the bougainvillea

and the odd colourful house dotted along the way

and then slowly, but surely, the traffic  began to increase.

First there were a few cars and then

before we knew it, we were bumper to bumper.

A little way further and we saw the sign post for Agra.

We passed  the magnificent Red Fort which had been built in the 11th century.
You can find out more about the Red Fort

We passed the odd tractor, believe it or not this one was being pushed through the busy traffic, 

even a horse drawn cart, which surprisingly, was not nervous of the cars,
 passed us by

as did the cows.

Even an elephant... only teasing, no not a real one, but a stone carved elephant.

We continued through the busy streets of Agra, getting lost now and again, because the sat nav did not recognise many of the smaller streets 

until finally, we turned the corner


found the peace and tranquillity of the Oberoi Hotel. 

We checked in and were shown to our rooms
 and when we walked
 onto the balcony, 
this was the sight we saw,

The Taj Mahal.


Take care and I will see you again next Thursday.

This week I will be joining,


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