Thursday, 19 March 2015


Good Afternoon to you,

Turn the clock back about ten days or so and you would have found me, very excited, talking about going to the Lionel Richie World Tour on 7th March. No, not with George, but with Natasha and Danielle. Natasha flew all the way from India and Danielle from Bournemouth to enjoy the Lionel experience with me.

Move the clock forward a little, and after the Lionel concert, you would have found me very excited to put 'pen to paper' to tell you all about the concert.

Move the clock just a little further forward again and as you know, you did not hear about the concert, actually there was total silence on my part. Why...... well not only myself, but George and Natasha came down with a nasty virus. Luckily, Natasha managed to travel home to India alright, but the following day she was as ill as George and I. Only Danielle managed to escape the clutches of the virus.

..... so as excited as I was to tell you about Lionel's concert, I did not have the energy to tap the keys on my keyboard to share my experience with you.

.... but today is a different story, I am feeling a lot better and I cannot wait to tell you about,

the Lionel Richie All the Hits, All Night Long, World Tour 2015.

On Saturday 7th March, (the day is etched in my mind) George drove us to the Metro Arena to see the man whose music I have listened to for so many years. We were all excited and once we said goodbye to George, we three girls walked arm in arm into the arena.

We found our seats, which were one block from the front of the stage. Danielle was a little worried, because I am much shorter than she is, and she was concerned that my view would be obstructed when everyone stood up .... and she was right, it was, so I swapped seats with Danielle and my sight line to Lionel was then perfect.

The lights went down, and Lionel walked onto centre stage. The lights came back on and the crowd erupted with applause.  He stood there and absorbed our pleasure, for what was quite a few minutes.... and then he started to sing. From that moment he had the audience in the palm of his hand.

He sang all the songs I know and love, actually, I knew all the words to every song. From the start of the concert to the end of the concert his energy never waned.  

He said it was wonderful to see the different generations of people at his concerts..... we were all ages.  Some who had grown up with The Commodores (like myself), some who found Lionel's music when he left The Commodores and some fans who loved his music because their mum and dad had played the albums when they were young, such as Natasha and Danielle.

It must have been wonderful for Lionel to perform on the Metro Arena stage, to see his army of fans enjoying every song he performed.

We listened to his love songs, 'Hello', 'Stuck on You' and 'Endless Love' and we listened and danced to 'Dancing on the Ceiling', 'Brick House', 'All Night Long' to name just a few and we loved them all.

Lionel gave his legion of fans an unforgettable evening, his energy never waned, he was,


I know Lionel is touring Europe at the moment and returns to England on Tuesday 31st March when he will perform at the O2 Arena in London.  I really don't know if there are any tickets available, but if there are, please go and enjoy the show, you will not be disappointed, honestly you will have the most wonderful evening.

When the end of the concert arrived, we did not want it to finish, we wanted it to go and on, but as with all good things, finish it must. We left the Metro Arena along with thousands of other Lionel fans, so very happy and we enjoyed every moment of the evening

..... and the icing on the cake, was George was there to drive us home and he listened to us talk and talk, sing the songs and talk some more about the concert .  Well I say listen, there was a lot of smiling and nodding of his head.

So with a smile on my face, I will take my leave. 

Take care of yourself and I will see you next Thursday.

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