Thursday, 8 January 2015


Good Afternoon to you,

Firstly, Happy New Year to you and your family.

It is wonderful to be back with you, as I have really missed your company.  

I am so sorry, that during the past couple of months, I could not find the time to sit down and share my recipes with you. I had so many Christmas recipes planned, yes your eyes did not deceive you, I did write planned, not my usual style I know, but for Christmas to run smoothly, as you know, there has to be a bit of planning involved, but  due to family commitments, I could not find the time to share the recipes.

So just for the moment, I will need to reduce the amount of time I write to you each week, so for now, instead of writing twice a week I will be reducing my posts to just once a week.  I have changed the date as well.... I will now be catching up with you each and every Thursday.  

So as today, is my first time of writing to you in 2015, I thought it would be fun to review the past year, which I always enjoy doing, because I don't know about you, but I am always pleased to see how much cooking I have done throughout the year..... and what I share with you is only two meals a week. Imagine if we catalogued all the meals we created, seven days a week, throughout the year...... our files would be bulging.

Do you remember in January we made,

beans in tomato sauce.
I realise a little
more effort
is required
as it is so much easier to
 open a tin of beans,
if you have the time,
the extra effort is really worthwhile
as these beans are so 
much tastier.

Then of course,
 I really had to add one
of my
potato recipes,
you know 
 I love, love, love,

Potatoes Lyonnaise
were made in an unconventional
but which work well for me.
Sorry to all my French friends if I
made you gasp in horror.

.... and
I just had to include
one of George's favourites,

steak pie with a rich gravy.
He so enjoyed this pie whilst watching 
the rugby on television.

I have to say,
one of 
the highlights of the year for me,
was when I was one of
the bloggers interviewed
and featured 
in the
Woman's Weekly Magazine.
What a thrill that was.
I still smile to myself every time I think
about the experience.

..... and really,
it would not be right
if I did not share
my love of chocolate.
These chocolate brownies were divine.
You might think the shape is a little odd,
well, I have to tell you,
 I baked these brownies
 with Phyllis
and I asked her if she would like to cut the
brownies into slices..... and this was the result,
a little off piste, but lovely
all the same.

If you have been reading my blog for a while
you will know about my love
 of Cypriot food, 
this is
my favourite Tzatziki recipe
Greek Yoghurt.

Oh, I love Falafel,
I did not notice at the time that I had
added an extra 's'.

I love aubergines 
when used in
 Baba Ghanoush. 
Along with Tzatziki
and Falafel
these recipes
make me dream of warmer summer days.

Spaghetti Puttanesca
is a very quick and easy recipe,
perfect for when I need to whip
up a meal quickly.
My equivalent of fast food.

My Pear and Ginger 
Upside Down Cake
was lovely
and it is a recipe
I use over and over again
as it never fails to please.

The season for figs is 
very short,
so when they are available 
we eat them with gusto, just as they are,
but sometimes it is nice to do
something a little different
another way to enjoy figs
 is to
wrap figs in prosciutto,
add a little cheese
bake..... delicious.

Another fruit I love
is peaches
baked peaches
crushed Amaretti biscuits
are delightful.
 I love the flavour of Amaretti biscuits.
Don't you just love the 
teacup and saucer.
It is so pretty.

Oh my word,
when I baked this pie
the kitchen was filled
with the gorgeous aroma of
 apples and blackberries
George lingered in the kitchen for
quite a while until this pie was ready to eat.

I love fish, and
this mackerel dip certainly 
hit the spot, especially
with my homemade
crisp breads.

As the weather turned
turkey soup 
pearl barley was a perfect
winter warmer.

 These are just a few of the many recipes we made during 2014.... and what do I have in store for 2015.

..... well one of the Christmas gifts I received was this odd looking contraption,

do you know what it is?

If you don't know, all will be revealed next week..... and no, just in case it had crossed your mind,  it is not an instrument of torture!

Just one more thing before I leave you, I want to say thank you to my friends who have been emailing me privately, I am sorry I have left it so long, but I promise, I will be catching up with you this week.

So take care of yourself and I will see you on Thursday.

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