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Good Morning to you,

On Sunday, I  really enjoyed telling you about  Bob's love for his garage  and I really hope you enjoyed reading about it. I find once I start thinking about a subject, especially when there is a family link, the words just seem to flow and my fingers merrily tap away on my keyboard and then before I know it, I have written more words than I had meant to.

The lovely Mariette mentioned in the comments section, that she did not know who Sadie was, and would like to know a little more. I have spoken about Sadie before, but maybe she is new to you. Sadie is George's mother.  Sadie is the same age as Phyllis, my mother, and although Sadie lives in the north of England and Phyllis in the south, they have been friends since George and I married all those years ago.

So after reading Sunday's post, you will have gathered, that Bob loved his garage and all of it's contents. Over the years the contents of the garage never diminished, as he always found more items to replace the ones he had given away.

When Bob retired, he did make a couple of changes....  he   added a deckchair to sit on and a radio to listen to, and he was happy.

As you will remember, I have mentioned before that Bob had a sweet tooth and he loved cakes, but cakes were his downfall. When Bob retired, he was not as active as he used to be, and he put on, a little weight around his tummy, so Sadie decided she would help him,  she would not buy cakes from the baker, as she felt this would help him lose weight, but unbeknown to Sadie, although Bob was not eating cake in the house,  Bob had been visiting his favourite bakers and he had his own little store of cakes in the garage.

..... and how do I know this, well it all came about when Bob passed away and the garage had to be cleared.

As you can imagine, clearing the garage was very emotional for everyone and it took quite a while to empty the contents. Two days into the job, almost at the back of the garage, a few tins were found, and when George's brother opened the first tin, he found a selection of cakes which Bob had bought from the bakers, inside a smaller tin, were biscuits and in another, boiled sweets. So when Bob said he was going to potter in his garage, yes he was pottering, but away from Sadie's prying eyes, he was also enjoying his favourite cakes, biscuits and sweets.

To Bob, the garage was his private little world, and like a magpie, he loved to fill it with his own version of 'sparkly' things. 

Whenever any of us retell this story, we always smile, as Bob did not have a lot of money during his lifetime, but he was such a kind and generous spirited man. He would do anything to help, when help was needed. When Bob passed away, we held the service in St James' Church in Newcastle and the service was taken by George's cousin.  St James' Church is a beautiful old church which was built in 1833. Although it is a large church, there was not enough room for everyone to sit inside, so many of Bob's friends had to stand outside because they could not get into the church to hear the service. 

Isn't that a marvellous testament to the life of a man..... you do not have to be rich and famous to place your mark on the world, you just have to be someone  who  has a kind and generous spirit.

So with Bob's smiling face in my mind, it is time to tell you what we are making today.  If you remember on Sunday, I made Mackerel Dip, well today we are making,

the Crisp Breads. These crisp breads are just perfect eaten with the mackerel dip.

So it's on with the pinnie, and the music I have chosen to listen to today is,

Moulin Rouge.  I remember when I went to see this film, at the cinema, with Natasha and Danielle, the music made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.... I loved it so much.  I love 'Your Song', 'One Day I'll Fly Away' and 'Come What May' just pulls at my heart strings.

So while I listen to 'Come What May' for the second time, I will organise my ingredients.


4 slices of brown or white bread
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
sea salt



Using a sharp knife,

cut the crusts from the slices of bread.

Find your rolling pin


roll out each slice of bread thinly.

I thought I would show you that the bread
is thinner, but there is not a huge difference
in size.

Continue rolling the 3 other slices of bread
in the same manner.

Brush the slices of bread
olive oil.

Cut each slice of bread into 4 triangles
place the bread, oiled side down
on a baking tray.

Brush the top side of the
bread with olive oil

sprinkle with sea salt.

Pre-heat the oven to 160C
and bake in the oven for
10 - 15 minutes.

Check after 10 minutes.
You want the crisp breads to be golden in colour.

Remove from the oven 
allow to cool.

As you can see,
these crisp breads are so easy
to make.
If you do not want to add salt,
dried oregano, or dried chilli,
it is really up to you what flavour you choose.

.... and are you wondering what I did with the
crusts cut from the bread?

They were whizzed in the
food processor


placed in the freezer to use
as a coating
potato cakes.

Just before I go, it occurred to me that you might like to see St James' Church, in Newcastle as it is a very old and interesting church, so I have added the link.

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,

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