Sunday, 13 April 2014


Good Evening to you,

I am a little late catching up with you today, as Phyllis arrived yesterday to spend the Easter Holiday with us.... and as you can imagine there has been lots of chatting and catching up.  You would not think there would be so much to talk about, as we speak to each other on the phone, a couple of times a week.  But I'm sure you will agree, there is nothing like a face to face chat, with your mother, whilst enjoying a cup of tea.

So whilst we were chatting, I asked Phyllis what sort of cake she would like today.  She could not decide whether we should bake a chocolate cake or a fruit cake..... after much thought, she decided upon,

Chocolate Brownies, with ganache and strawberries. So Chocolate Brownies it is.

I also asked Phyllis which album she would like to listen to, whilst I was baking and she said she would love to listen to Johnny Mathis..... but do you think I could find Johnny Mathis.... no sirree.... I looked everywhere.  Firstly in the place that the album should have been.... the cover was there, but not the cd..... so I searched in other likely places, but no I could not find it.  So I asked if I could suggest an album and Phyllis was happy with that.  So the album I have chosen for us to listen to, is,

Eliza Carthy.  Now Eliza's music could not be further away from Johnny Mathis, but Phyllis has a love of music and was happy to listen to Eliza.  So with Eliza singing "Walk Away" it is time to put on my pinnie and organise my ingredients.


400g soft cream cheese
500g caster sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract
250g of unsalted butter
6 tablespoonfuls of good quality cocoa powder
200g self raising flour


568 ml double cream
250g dark chocolate


225g Strawberries
1 bag of chocolate buttons

Oven temperature:  180C
Baking Dish:  32cm x 22cm
Lightly butter and line baking dish


Mix together the cream cheese


2 tablespoonfuls of vanilla extract


25g of caster sugar

Set aside for the moment.

Beat the eggs

and the

remainder of the caster sugar
until light and fluffy.


place 25g of unsalted butter


6 tablespoonfuls of cocoa powder
into a small saucepan.
Gently heat until the butter melts.
Keep stirring until the butter and cocoa are thoroughly combined.

Then gently pour the mixture
into the sugar and eggs
and fold in carefully.

Sift the flour and
fold into the sugar, egg and cocoa mixture.
When thoroughly combined

pour half of the brownie mixture into the base of the 
baking tin.

Then add the cream cheese mixture
and smooth.


add the rest of the brownie mixture
and smooth the surface.

Pop into a 180C oven and bake for 1 hour
when a skewer is inserted into the brownie mixture
 it comes out clean.

Allow to cool.


Break the chocolate into pieces
place into a small saucepan.

Add the cream
place over a very low heat to
dissolve the chocolate.
Keep stirring
whilst the chocolate is dissolving.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

When the ganache is cool, whisk until 
it holds it's shape.

Spread the ganache over the brownie

as if that was not enough chocolate,

place chocolate buttons into
the ganache.... 4 to a row.

Cut the strawberries in half and
lean them against the chocolate buttons.
You can see a rogue chocolate button
rearing it's head in the bottom left hand corner.

Allow the  the ganache to become quite firm


there is nothing left to do,
enjoy the brownie,
with a lovely cup of coffee.

Don't you find that,
chocolate and coffee go together,
so very well.

Now, I know you make Chocolate Brownies, and you will have noticed the rather odd shape of my cut brownie.  Normally brownies are cut into squares, but Phyllis sliced the brownie and cut it the traditional way of cutting cakes.... that does not really matter, does it..... as the added bonus for us was,  we all enjoyed a larger slice of brownie..... not good for the waistlines, but oh so good on the palette.

Tomorrow is the day we hear who is the lucky winner of the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition.....  I wonder how I will get on..... I will let you know one way or the other.

Take care and I will see you on Wednesday.

This week I will be joining,


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