Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Good Morning to you,

I have exciting news, Phyllis, has come to stay with us for two weeks and do you know what her first request was when she arrived..... a nice cup of Yorkshire tea.

We have had fun going out and about and you will never guess which film we went to see yesterday, The Lone Ranger, with Johnny Depp playing the part of Tonto.  I worried at first that the sound in the cinema would be too loud for her, but she said it was fine, she sat between George and I and  we could both hear her laughing at funny parts of the film.  She said she remembered watching the original series with Clayton Moore playing the part of The Lone Ranger in the 1950's television series and was interested to see how Johnny Depp played the part of Tonto.  Her verdict.... he was marvellous and he made her laugh.

Afterwards we went for a meal and we started talking about my blog and the various cakes and desserts I had made.  She asked me what a Semifreddo was, and as I started to explain, a little alarm bell rang in my head. When I made Semifreddo, see here I had promised to show you how I make chocolate sauce, but it had totally slipped my mind, that is,  until we were talking about it. So I am going to remedy that today and Phyllis is going to help with a little stirring here and a little grating there.

Actually, I have to admit this looks like a cup of hot cocoa, but it isn't, it is chocolate sauce.  I did not drizzle the sauce over anything, as to be honest I did not have any ice cream.  I love this little cup and saucer which my mother-in-law, Sadie gave me, so I thought it would add a little interest.

So without further ado, it is on with the apron and the music I am listening to, is none other than, 

the fabulous Michael Buble, (sorry I do not have an accent on my computer to put over the "e" in Michael's name).  Michael is really popular here in England and  Phyllis loves listening to his music as well. The cd contains a mixture of old and new songs, so it was perfect for today, as Phyllis was singing along to quite a few of the songs, she especially liked "You Make Feel So Young".


150 ml (1/4 pint) double cream
50g (2 oz) butter,
1 orange
3 tablespoons caster sugar

100g (4 oz) dark good quality plain chocolate


Grate the zest from the orange
and set aside

juice the orange
and set aside

Pour the cream into a saucepan 

 add the caster sugar

Cut the butter into cubes and add to the cream and sugar.
Heat gently, stirring until the butter has melted,
do not allow to boil.

Break the chocolate into  small pieces 
and add to the cream.
At this point I remove the cream from the heat
and keep stirring until the chocolate has
melted into the cream.  If it does not melt 
completely, return to the heat for another minute.

Add the grated orange rind and stir

Add a tablespoonful of orange juice and mix, then add the
second tablespoonful of orange juice and mix until 
thoroughly incorporated.

Pour into a bowl and allow to cool a little before using
as you do not want to burn your mouth.

When you are ready to use this warm Orange and Chocolate Sauce, drizzle it over ice cream...... you will not be disappointed with the flavourful outcome.

If you do not use all the chocolate sauce, place it in the fridge and then when you want to use it again, maybe in the next day or two, place the cold sauce in a basin and place the basin over a pan of hot water.  After a few minutes, stir the sauce, it will gradually return to it's original consistency.

I have even left this chocolate sauce in the fridge over night until it sets and made little chocolates dipped in cocoa.  I use two small teaspoons, one teaspoon I dip into the sauce and remove just enough to fill the teaspoon and then with another teaspoon, which has been dipped in hot  water and then dried I shape the chocolates into little quenelles and then gently roll into cocoa.

Oh dear..... here I am talking about chocolate again. It is only Wednesday and this week  I have  made this Orange and Chocolate Sauce and also a Chocolate Cloud cake for Phyllis.

..... that is it..... no more chocolate for me this week.

Just before I go, I wanted to say, I am sorry I have not been answering comments and emails this week, but I know you will understand, that my time is precious with Phyllis, and I want to spend as much time with her as I can.   I promise to catch up with you when Phyllis returns home at the end of the month.

Take care and I will see you later in the week.

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