Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Good Morning to you,

Yesterday,  I shared a lovely sewing morning with my quilting friends and I continued to work on Polly's quilt.  I am embroidering a butterfly at the moment, and then all that is left to do is to embroider a sweet little bumble bee. Then it is onwards and upwards and I will be able to stitch the quilt together, add the wadding and backing, then hand quilt and finish by adding the binding..... phew, I need to get a wiggle on.

Next week is our last meeting before the summer break, but when we return in September, there will be lots to chat about..... holidays, day trips, Phyllis' visit and of course sewing, but I must slow down and not wish my life away.

I am so excited to show you the other wonderful goodies which I bought at the car boot sale, namely, some fabulous  blue and white..... and you know how I love blue and white.

I was thrilled to find this lovely blue and white planter, as it is unusual to find any at car boot sales these days.

I just love it and the planter sits beautifully on my kitchen windowsill,

with my basil plant ready and waiting for me to pick the leaves to use with tomatoes, or to mix with Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil to make Pesto

I would have been happy to return home with one blue and white plant planter, but no, much to my excitement, I found another,

and another.... well you could say they are a matching pair.

There is a lovely story as to how I bought these planters.  

The car boot sale I go to is huge.  There are rows upon rows of people selling all manner of things and it is just a matter of keeping a keen eye out for that little jewel in the crown.  Anyway, I was wandering up and down the rows of tables, when I came to a table, where a chap was selling flies for fishing..... he made them himself and they were beautiful.  His table looked a little sparse, because of course the flies are small and don't take up a lot of space.    I walked passed his main table and found he had a much smaller table to the side, which was slightly out of view, and there they were, more than I could hope to have found, a random collection of lovely blue and white items.  I was very excited, but I knew I could not show my excitement, because as you know, if a seller sees you are keen, that can sometimes increase the price. 

I waited patiently, as he was busy selling his fishing flies. When I  caught his attention, I asked the price for the cheese dish first, as that looked like it would be the most expensive.  I wanted to gauge what type of price he was asking, before I attempted to buy the other pieces.

 I really thought it was going to be quite expensive,

because it is quite large and there is a lot of detail on this cheese dish.

The base is highly decorated, and take a look at the handle,

such lovely detail.  If I were to ask you how much he sold me this cheese dish for, I really don't think you could guess...... just £2.00p (approximately $1 50c), so I asked him the price of the first planter and he said £1.50p and so, with a huge smile on my face,  I bought them both for £3.50p.  I could not help but let the smile escape, as I was thrilled with the prices.  I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.

I did notice the other two planters, but I thought, as I was not even halfway around the car boot sale, I would save my money, just in case there was some other little treasure waiting to be found on one of the other tables.  Have you ever done that, walked away, when you know it's a mistake, but you convince yourself it is the right thing to do. I have to say, this was so unlike me.

I walked along the aisles, but really was not concentrating, because my mind was on the two blue and white planters. After walking along, what I thought was three or four aisles, without buying anything, I decided to go back for the planters, in the hope that they had not been sold, but do you think I could find the chap, he was not where I thought he should be. Anyway, after wandering up and down for about twenty minutes, I finally found him. He smiled when he saw me and he said, he thought I would be back. I asked him his price for each planter and he said take the two for £1. I gave him a huge smile, if I am honest, I could have given him a big hug, but that would have been inappropriate wouldn't it.  So I thanked him, gave him my £1 coin and told him they were going to a good home, where they would be appreciated and he just smiled and said he was glad. How marvellous was that!

I have placed two of the orchids which I snipped the flower stems from, in each of the planters. Remember when I showed you here, how I encouraged the orchid flowers to grow again,

and look how many flower stems I have now, if you look just above each heart you will see there are four stems growing and on some of the stems you will notice there are buds forming...... so very soon I will have new flowers to enjoy.

.....and look more blue, admittedly not blue and white but just as lovely. These lovely glasses are my final blue item to show you today. 

I was wondering where I should place them, when I remembered a number of years ago, George had been presented with a silver tray. I thought these lovely little glasses would look perfect, teamed with the silver tray, but first, I have to convince George of this fact. So I will be trying to gently coax the tray away from him, as the tray lives in his den.  I will let you know if I am successful.

Maybe I will approach him  after I have baked his quiche, when his tummy is full and he is feeling content...... well they do say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...... I shall be testing that theory.

Take care and I will see you on Sunday.

This week I will be joining,

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