Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Good Morning to you,

 Did you know this week is National Chocolate Week? 


Well, it gives me great pleasure to tell you, it is and yes, it really is for the whole week!

So for this one week in the year, let all chocolate lovers unite and indulge  their love of chocolate.

Do you feel my excitement?

Does this week mean I can eat  chocolate without feeling guilty?

Does this week give me permission to enjoy the  exquisite  taste of chocolate and not worry about the calories?

Does this week allow me to indulge in  a guilt free, Thornton's Chocolate, without hearing that little voice in my head saying "Don't do it, you'll be s-o-r-r-y".

I can hear you telling me "NO, DON'T DO IT!" A moment on the lips, will be a lifetime on the hips!

Ok, I'll listen to you, well just a little. I will only enjoy the odd chocolate or two, ok maybe three. You have to agree it  would be rude not to enter into the spirit of the  National Chocolate Week. On second thoughts, I feel I  really must participate and throw myself wholeheartedly into the week!

...and what better way to start than with my favourite chocolate cake, Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cloud Cake. It's the best chocolate cake I have ever baked and certainly the most impressive looking.  Do you remember when Phyllis and I made this cake in August. Read here She had never heard of it before, but once she enjoyed a slice, she was smitten and has asked me to make another one when she visits next year!

 .....and of course there is Ivy's Chocolate Cream Roll which she made for us as children. See Here Childhood memories come flooding back when I eat this cream roll. It's amazing how taste sensations  can immediately transport you back to a time and place. Do you know, when I close my eyes I can even hear the floorboards creaking as I walk through Ivy's hall into her front room. I can hear the ticking of the clock and the chime which rang every hour. I can even see Gramps checking his pocket watch to make sure the clock was running on time. Tastes and smells are a powerful force for the memory.

  Now, for a woman who loves chocolate, it is reasonable for me to own a book entitled The Ultimate  Encyclopedia of  Chocolate. Which was written by Christine McFadden and Christine France.  This fabulous chocolate book has over 200  recipes and this is one of the books I turn to when I want to try a new chocolate recipe.

The following photos have been taken from
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate 

 These Chocolate Mint-Filled Cup Cakes are delicious. They are filled with double cream with peppermint essence and topped with a Chocolate Mint Glaze, just enough mint and just enough chocolate.


What can I say about this beautiful glistening cake that the picture doesn't say. Ok, I'll say what your thinking ...... Eat Me!  This Sachertorte has a glaze made with apricot jam and the icing well, it's rich, dark and sumptuous.  The best way to describe this cake is to say it's a gastronomic delight. (for me!)

 Chocolate Brioche Bake

This is a twist on English Bread and Butter Pudding. Instead of using plain bread, four brioches are cut up and used. Brioche is gorgeous on it's own, but when smothered with chocolate, marmalade and egg custard, what more could you want...... well maybe a little more, sorry now that is being greedy!

Rich Chocolate and Coffee Pudding

What better marriage is there, than chocolate and coffee.  When I eat a piece of chocolate I always enjoy a cup of coffee as well.  The sponge base includes plain chocolate and the topping is a mix of coffee, brown sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder. There just aren't enough words to describe this little bit of heaven.

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

Now you already know about my love of Cheesecakes, whether bought from the Cheesecake Factory or made by myself from Nigella's recipe, but there is always space for one more.  The base of this cheesecake is made with chocolate biscuits with a hint of cinnamon and the topping is made with cream cheese and soured cream and of course the obligatory chocolate.  What do you think, would you enjoy this cheesecake?

Black and White Ginger Florentines
Oh dear, my chocolate list just keeps growing and growing! I'm thinking these Florentines are not too bad for my health as they do have honey, almonds, ginger and orange peel.  Alright I own up, they also include double cream, sugar and plain chocolate and, oh yes, not forgetting white chocolate. I almost had you fooled!

Chunky Chocolate Drops

....and I kept the largest photo for last.  Now anything which includes Chunky Chocolate in the name has to be good.  They are so easy to make and what can I say they are moreish.  Do you see a theme developing here, everything which is made of chocolate is moreish and yes you have guessed correctly, I AM A LOVER OF CHOCOLATE.

Enjoy National Chocolate Week, go on indulge in a little piece of chocolate.

That's it, I have no further words, I am in chocolate heaven, so take care, and I will see you later in the week.

This week I shall be joining,

Best Wishes

Daphne xxx

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