Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hello Everyone,

I have a confession to make.....yes I love Swiss Roll....yes I have great memories of  Ivy and Phyllis' Swiss Rolls, but do you know, I have never made one before.  Isn't that strange. I have a great love of baking and baked numerous types of cakes, but not this one. 

It has been fun for me recreating their Swiss Roll and the "rolling" proved interesting!  I felt I should tell you that, so that you know that we are walking hand in hand as "newbie" Swiss Rollers!

....... and here it is!

I thought I should tell you, the Method is quite long winded, but I wanted to be sure that I had covered all the bases.


The Sponge

3 large eggs
75g (3oz) castor sugar
75g (3oz) plain flour, sifted
1 tbsp warm water

The Filling

75g (3oz) raspberry jam
125ml (4 1/2 fl oz) whipped double cream
100g (3 1/2 oz) raspberries


Pre-heat oven 200c/400f/Gas Mark 6
Line a 23cm x 30 cm (9"x12") swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper
Brush with melted butter and dust with flour

Whisk the eggs and sugar in a bowl until the mixture thickens and turns a pale yellow.
The mixture trebles in volume and has a mousse like consistency.
I found this took about 10 minutes with an electric mixer.
Add 1 tbsp of warm water and fold in gently.
Fold in the sifted flour with a metal spoon.

 Pour the mixture into the Swiss Roll tin.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes.
Checking to see if the sponge is light and springy and has shrunk a little from the sides.
Cut a second piece of greaseproof paper and sprinkle with sugar.

Invert the sponge onto the piece of sugared greaseproof paper and leave to cool for 10 minutes.
Carefully remove the first piece of greaseproof paper  (the one which was buttered and floured)
and leave the sponge to cool.

Whilst the sponge is cooling whip the double cream,
heat the raspberry jam until warm, this will make it easier to spread.

When the sponge is cooled, use a sharp knife and cut off  the rough edges of the sponge.

Spread the jam onto the sponge, leaving a small gap around the edges,
because the jam, cream and raspberries will fill these spaces when the sponge is rolled.

Spread the double cream as evenly as possible on top of the raspberry jam,
I found the "dolloping" method worked well, then spread with a spatula.

Add the raspberries, they will cut through the sweetness of the jam, then
with the shortest side of the sponge facing you, roll the sponge away from you, using the greaseproof paper to help you roll.  Roll up quickly and as tightly as possible.
Don't worry about any cracks appearing, I feel this adds to the quaintness of the Swiss Roll.
Carefully transfer to a plate and dust with icing sugar and decorate with more raspberries




I hope you enjoy recreating this recipe. 


 I thought I would show you Ivy's version taken from a 1940's cookery book. Ivy beat her eggs and sugar over a large pan of boiling water to thicken the mixture..... it was much more laborious. Weren't our grandmother's and mother's amazing. They didn't have the "electric gizmoes" which we have nowadays, but were able to bake beautiful cakes ..... but more of that next week.

Have a fabulous week and I will catch up with you next Sunday.....HAPPY BAKING.

Best Wishes,

Daphne xx

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